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Organization 101 — Tips for Tackling Your Closet, Pantry, and Beyond

Big Plans This Weekend

BY // 03.20.20

Maybe we all started this week off with big at-home dreams for ourselves. Dreams of productivity, personal projects, and fully checked-off to-do lists. Maybe we accomplished all those goals, or maybe we’re just proud to be wearing a pair of pants with a zipper.

No matter where you’re at with your socially distanced to-dos, organizing at least some part of your space probably made the list. For a little guidance, we spoke with luxury home organizing company Neat Method, which offers clean consultations in Fort Worth, Dallas, Austin, Houston, San Antonio, and even Frisco, for tips on how to tackle prime spots in the home, and what you can do in just a few minutes to feel a little more put together.

Closets are typically on the top of people’s organization list. What are some good places to start when you’re trying to tackle that particular spot?
We always suggest starting small to avoid getting overwhelmed. Start by editing one section of your closet at a time. To do this properly, it’s necessary to see everything together. If you choose to edit denim, gather all your denim and put it in one place. You may be surprised how many pairs of jeans you actually have. Once you’ve determined what will be kept versus donated then move onto another category.

What’s something you can do to make your home feel more organized even when you only have a few short minutes?
It’s understandable that you may only have a few minutes so choose one drawer or cabinet that impacts your day-to-day activities. Remove everything from the space. Sort by category. Anything that doesn’t belong should be moved to the correct space. Then place items back. Consider purchasing product if you need to create boundaries to separate items.

Kitchen-Drawer(Christopher Testani) organizing
This drawer sparks joy. (photo by Christopher Testani)

People’s pantries may be a mess right now. How do you recommend organizing pantry shelves for peak organization? 
Create zones for your pantry, such as breakfast, dinner prep, kid snacks. Then sort items accordingly. Determine where your “prime real estate” is and place your most used category of items there. Your prime real estate is typically at eye level and the easiest spot to access. We also suggest placing lesser used items or treats on a higher shelf so they are out of direct line of sight.

It looks like you guys are still out there working and organizing. What precautions are you taking during this time?
We are advising all our organizers to abide by their city’s social distancing recommendations. Many organizers are rescheduling clients and referring them to our virtual organizing services.

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