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Thinking of Going Solar? Rhythm Energy Is Your Go-To Solar Concierge

This Complimentary Service Helps Determine If Going Solar Is Right for You

BY // 01.16.23

Stop us if you’ve heard this before, but the sun loves to shine in the Lone Star State. So, it comes as no surprise that thousands of Texans are switching to solar power in their homes each year. Rhythm Energy serves thousands of Texas solar customers with their industry-leading Texas Solar Buyback Plan, and they’ve heard all the stories about going solar in Texas — some good, some not-so-good.

Solar continues to grow in Texas and can be an ideal energy solution for your home. But, let’s not sugarcoat it — going solar can be daunting. There’s a lot that goes into it. There’s your solar system size, panel count, financing, payback periods, incentives, net present value, and lots more. Luckily, Rhythm knows all about it. And they are here to not only help you make sense of it all, but also help you go solar seamlessly, and potentially unlock thousands in savings by providing you with a competitive quote, trusted installer, and optimal and efficient solar system for your home.

As an independent third party, their service is all done digitally and over the phone, meaning they will never have to come to your house. And a big difference between Rhythm Energy and the others? They’ll tell you if they don’t think solar is a smart move for your home.

“Going solar can seem like a tall task with a lot of mysteries and questions, so we’re excited to use our industry expertise to make things simpler for Texans that want to go solar,” said Rhythm Energy CEO, P.J. Popovic. “As we see more and more demand for solar power at home, it’s paramount to have a single point of contact who can help you through the process. And that’s what we’re offering, free of charge.”

Like Earth to the sun, they’ll revolve around you. You can look forward to:

Long-term savings. Solar could save you big time. And that’s their goal for you and your home. So, if they don’t think solar is right for you, they’ll tell you.

Personalized evaluation. Rhythm will provide you with a custom assessment based on your historical usage, unique location, rooftop layout, market rates, and other factors.

Pre-negotiated pricing. Rhythm partners with a handful of solar installers and negotiate the pricing on your behalf no matter the size of your system.

Customer proof. Rhythm already established a near-perfect Google rating as a retail electricity provider. And they can’t wait to bring this service to you, too.

Think solar might be on your horizon? Getting started is a breeze. 

1. Call 1-888-408-3369. They just want to learn a bit more about your home.

2. They will help you complete a personalized assessment to determine if solar is right for your home.

3. If it is, Rhythm will get multiple quotes from their preferred partners and share them with you to find one that fits you best.

4. Rhythm gets you in contact with the installer of your choice.

Want to learn more?  Head to gotrhythm.com/solar to learn more about Rhythm Energy’s solar concierge.