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Looking for Home Cleaners — Consider This Innovative Texas Brand for a True Sanctuary

Poo-Pourri Founder Suzy Batiz's Products are Eco-Friendly, Toxin-Free, and (Honestly) Pretty Sexy

BY // 04.07.20

One of my favorite features I’ve ever written is a profile on Suzy Batiz. If you recognize her name, it’s likely from her first groundbreaking product, Poo-Pourri. You know, the cute little bottles stocked in bathroom stalls with frilly French illustrations and a caption that reads: “Spritz the bowl before you go and no one else will ever know.” It’s the brand behind the wittiest scatological-focused ads of our time.

Humorous phrases and packaging aside, Dallas-based Poo-Pourri has grown into a multi-million-dollar company. So when Batiz became passionate about a different kind of groundbreaking household product, she had the means and the resources to make it a reality.

Enter Supernatural. Billed as “conscious home care powered by plants,” Batiz’s line of essential-oil-based cleaners is as beautiful as it is effective. A Supernatural starter kit includes reusable glass spray bottles and four iridescent vials of sweet-smelling concentrated formulas (for counters and granite; bath and tile; glass and mirrors; and wood and floors). Even the eco-friendly packaging is aesthetically pleasing. For every tree used in the creation of Supernatural’s pretty boxing, the company plants two.

Supernatural hit the market with a bit more fanfare than most household cleaners are typically greeted with — more than even Batiz was anticipating. Ahead of the launch, Gwyneth Paltrow’s lifestyle company Goop placed what they assumed would be a three-to-five-month order to sell on the brand’s website. Within two hours, Goop.com was completely sold out of Supernatural.

I consider myself a thorough journalist, so I bought the complete Supernatural starter kit while working on the Batiz feature. I mixed the vials of concentrate with water to create the sweet-smelling cleaning potions and went to town on all areas of my home. Typically, I have to open every window of my tiny Knox-Henderson townhouse to let the smell of chemicals dissipate after a cleaning. With Supernatural, I luxuriated in the post-cleanse aroma. It was as though I had lit bougie candles in every room of my house — I kept my windows tightly shut.

That was over a year ago, and I’ve been committed to Supernatural products ever since. I always keep Clorox wipes on hand for emergencies (and, currently, for any incoming groceries or packages), but I’m particularly grateful to have aromatic, chemical-free cleansers while spending so much time in my home.

With grocery-store shelves consistently stripped free of household cleaners, Supernatural is a solid, fully stocked, and locally made alternative. Treat yourself.

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