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Dallas’ Best Chicken Coops Shown Off — You’ve Never Seen Animal Houses This Elaborate

This is a Different Type of Home Tour

BY // 04.29.19

There are many human home tours constantly going on in Dallas, but did you know that there is also an annual chicken home tour?

On May 5, or Cinco de Mayo, Moss Haven Farm is hosting its 10th annual Peep at the Coops tour. It’s a one day tour of private urban chicken coops in East Dallas. Some of the most innovative coops for raising chicken in the city are featured on the tour and experts will be on-site to answer all of your questions about urban chickens. The event is family friendly so bring the kiddos, check out the Urban Market, and meet some chickens.

The tour includes seven coops. It will begin at Moss Haven Farm at 9202 Moss Farm Lane. Moss is an educational coop that allows Moss Haven Elementary students to learn about chickens and coop care. Most of the hens are even hatched in kindergarten classrooms.

Other coops you’ll visit are El Sol, a solar-powered, energy-efficient coop; La Isla Bonita, which features a flock of five hatched hens who were all born on Christmas; and The Whole Enchilada, which features a fence down the center of the coop that creates a makeshift racetrack.

El Sombrero includes hens on the side yard and a fully edible garden in the backyard. The large coop has four big hens and five baby chicks. Los Huevos’s owner became interested in having fresh eggs in his own backyard after reading an article in a local newspaper. He now has 11 hens spanning 10 breeds, with eggs varied in size and color. The coop features an automated waterer and rodent-proof feeder.

Lastly, you’ll visit Los Pollos De Verano, a family-friendly coop that houses eight hens and allows the family’s kids to be involved with caring for the chickens with a kids-friendly design.

The event also includes food and treats, performances, chicken yoga, a raffle, a special presentation from the Texas Plant Guy, Daniel Cunningham, and handmade items from local artisans for shopping. Chicken yoga is free, but there is a suggested $5 donation to the farm.

Tickets to the chicken coop tour run $15 and can be purchased online. Kids under 12 are free. The tour runs from 11a m to 5 pm and the urban market is open from 10 am to 5 pm.

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