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Houston’s Skyline Changers: 5 New Luxury Towers That Reach for the Clouds with Skyscraper Bravado

BY // 11.02.16

To stand out in Houston’s new high-rise world, a building needs to be special. Cookie cutter is out. Distinctive is in. Some buildings just demand attention. Some buildings are going to change the Houston skyline — and leave a lasting impression.

High-rise has almost become a marketing term in the Bayou City, thrown out there with wild abandon to make any project seem more important amid the city’s luxury tower building boom. True high-rises put you up in the clouds — and offer sweeping views out of every window.

These five new high-rises meet that criteria. They might just become some of Houston’s most recognizable buildings. If you’re aiming for the sky, you’d better make an impact on the people on the ground. This is the first of three-part series on Houston’s city-changing luxury towers.

The Cloud Huggers

High Rise HoustonArabella. This 33-story tower is shaping up to be one of the most distinctive new buildings in the city — and an instant Houston skyline changer. With its 10-foot-tall sections of fritted-glass windows, a design borrowed from some of Frank Gehry and Richard Meier’s most distinctive high-rises, Arabella is about as cookie cutter as Anna Wintour. Sometimes being sky-high is about having everyone look up at you with envy.

In this case, that will include your River Oaks District neighbors.

High Rise HoustonHanover River Oaks. It’s 40 stories of gleaming steel and windows in the heart of Upper Kirby. Residents practically need never leave their luxurious perch in the sky if so desired: Dry cleaning and groceries from nearby Whole Foods Market can be delivered right to your front door.

High Rise HoustonAris Market Square. Hines’ signature downtown high-rise is set to tower over Market Square Park, but it’s no New Age poser. The building channels a historic look with its brick-and-cast-stone base and keeps things grounded beyond the skyscraping with restaurants and maybe even a real downtown grocery store envisioned for street level.

High Rise HoustonThe Post Oak. When Tilman Fertitta takes on a project, he goes big. There will be nothing timid or tiny about this striking 38-story behemoth when it’s completed in late 2017. There’s a Rolls-Royce and Bentley showroom in the lobby.

This is the tower Donald Trump would do … if he had Tilman’s money, business sense and taste.

High Rise Houston2929 Weslayan. The tallest rental tower in Houston (for now) soars 40 stories into the sky in an area without other high-rises surrounding it. Some towers boast views with all the staying power of a Bachelor star.

2929 Weslayan’s will likely last.

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