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New EaDo Coffee Shop Reaches Higher With CBD Oil Infused Drinks

Trying to Bring a Little Bit of Amsterdam to Houston

BY // 01.22.19

A brand new Amsterdam-style coffee shop is headed to EaDo — and it might just take the high road.

Inspired by those quaint cafes in The Netherlands where you’re just as likely to light up a joint as you are to drink a cup of joe, Amsterdam Co. CoffeeBar will serve up unique lattes, the likes of which you’ve likely never sipped before. Houston Eater editor Amy McCarthy first reported the news of the new coffee bar.

Starting this summer, you can sip on coffee infused with CBD oil, or cannabidiol oil, from marijuana. Think lattes, teas, smoothies and specialty Dutch press coffee, made both cold and hot, with steaming milk, butter and cinnamon sticks.

Co-owners Michael Migl and Drew Bailey, joined at the hemp, have high hopes for this new coffee concept. They want to make the most of the popular CBD oil, which some research suggests has serious health benefits.

There are some researchers who believe it might ease symptoms of pain, epilepsy, anxiety, sleeplessness and even help prevent the spread of cancer.

Avid enthusiasts are already all onboard. Still, many doctors and medical sites such as WebMd caution that because CBD oil isn’t regulated, it is unclear how much it alleviates symptoms or promotes health.

“I use it, my mom uses it, my pets use it,” Bailey tells PaperCity, laughing. “I have a sibling who uses it more than I do because he’s had some medical issues.”

Bailey is confident he can bring Amsterdam to life in EaDo, after spending several years living in Europe and frequenting the notorious coffee lounges. “I’m definitely familiar with the lifestyle over there. We’re probably going to be a bit more modern just because of the space we’re interested in. Still a Euro feel, but some kind of modern, lounge-y,” he says.

EaDo was their top pick. “I think this where it’s leading to. With Warehouse Live right there, other places like Satellite Bar. Just becoming that part of town where things are more eclectic,” Bailey says.

Plus, there’ll be room for a dog-friendly patio.

If you’re feeling high as a kite about this premise, you might want to lower your expectations a bit. The beverage program at Amsterdam Co. CoffeeBar will probably have little to no THC, the intoxicating, main active ingredient in marijuana. That’s still illegal in Texas, of course.

Bailey doesn’t foresee any confusion, promising to be very strict and careful with labels. “We’re going to make sure that it’s clear it’s CBD. Quality in everything is going to be our standard. Anything we’re going to do, we’re going to do it by the book,” he notes.

The EaDo caffeine center is set to be Space City’s very first shop focused on CBD. It’s following in the footsteps of  a number of eateries sweeping across the country, where you can find CBD-infused desserts and baked goods. San Antonio has its own little shop called dab.

Houston’s new Amsterdam Co. CoffeeBar doesn’t plan to make any food, but it might sell local baked goods and set up a food truck schedule. Who knows? Maybe they’re prepping for the munchies after all.

There is one hitch that might keep the new coffee haven from opening on a high note. It’s not exactly clear how the Lone Star State views cannabis derivatives from a legal standpoint.

Federally, CBD is illegal, according to the Drug Enforcement Agency. But it doesn’t look like the DEA is weeding out businesses that involve CBD oil. The owners of Amsterdam Co. CoffeeBar have a lawyer on retainer just in case anything comes up.

Their lawyer, Lisa Pittman, is a native Houstonian who now practices in Denver at a firm that specializes in cannabis business law. She’s licensed in Houston and Denver, and she’s ready to hash it out.

So, are you planning a coffee date with Mary Jane?

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