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New Mini Golf Bar is Rolling Into West Dallas, Promising Booze and Games

Get Ready for Another Round, the Most Inclusive Country Club Ever

BY // 05.03.19

A new combination bar and indoor mini-golf experience is coming to West Dallas. To make the miniature sport a little more interesting, Another Round will be a full-on bar with a course surrounding it. The Sylvan Thirty adjacent spot will be opening either late this summer or early fall at 660 Fort Worth Avenue.

Couples Kendall and Alicia Spence, and Marcus and Charmaine Oladell had the thought of opening such a place after playing mini-golf during almost every vacation they went on and having a blast.

“There’s not much of a mini-golf scene in Dallas,” Kendall Spence tells PaperCity. “We wanted to create a place where people can relax and enjoy a drink.”

Spence says it will be more of like an art installation than a normal bar. There will be annually rotating themes, the first being “Oak Cliff Country Club.”

“There will be a grungy take,” Kendall notes. “It won’t be a preppy scene whatsoever. It’ll be an inclusive country club.”

As for the bar, it will be centrally located with the course around the walls. There will be seating integrated at the holes, half of which will be elevated. “You don’t even have to play mini-golf,” Kendall insists. You can just sit and enjoy a drink if you want.

The Spences live in West Dallas, hence the decision to open their new concept in the area. “We love the unique venues and bars in the area, and we could use more indoor activities,” Kendall says. “It will be a place where you can go in the summer heat or 30 degree weather.”

Bishop Cidercade and Bowlounge are also nearby in the Design District. These venues also offer drinks and activities. Kendall describes them as “cousins” to what he and his team are doing with Another Round, which will be a totally new idea in the city. Can Can Wonderland in Minneapolis has the be the closest thing Kendall has seen to their concept.

Finger food, hot and cold bites, will be available from Cooper’s Meat Market next door and a renowned Dallas bartender, who can not yet be named, has been working on the cocktail menu.

To follow the progress of the new spot, Another Round has created an Instagram account- @makinganotherround.

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