Fort Worth Coffee Favorite Innovates Again, Adds Another Dimension to its Offerings

BREWED Roasts Its Own

BY // 08.05.21

BREWED has been on a roll in recent years ― finding a void in the North Texas coffee world and filling it. BREWED even repositioned its original restaurant in Fort Worth (which opened on Magnolia Avenue in 2012) last year. It eliminated its late night dining and drinking to utilize the newly redecorated space as a hip event venue instead.

For their next trick, this team will begin roasting their own coffee in-house. Why not? It’s the creative next step.

Co-owner Joey Turner tells PaperCity Fort Worth that the roasting will be done with a state of the art, zero-emissions coffee roaster. It doesn’t even require special permits or new ventilation to be installed, unlike the typical open flame roasting method.

The Bellwether Roaster uses an electric heating element instead of natural gas ignition. No smoke. No exhaust. No problem.

Another huge benefit relates to consistency of the end product. The Bellwether also lessens the constant need for manual adjustments in the roasting process to off-set differing humidity levels and temperature fluctuations. Which North Texas tends to have.

“It’s the Tesla of coffee roasters,” Turner says. “We’ve been testing it all summer, and now we are fully roasting our own coffee right here in Fort Worth.

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“Starting this week, we’ll begin selling our first roast called the Fort Worth Roast.”

Joey Turner adds coffee roaster to his resume.


Leave it to BREWED to push the envelope in a new direction. The breakfast and brunch powerhouse spun off BREWED Ltd. in Dallas and took over a plum spot in DFW Airport’s Terminal D years ago. These coffee gurus are always happy to reinvent themselves and change with the times.

Now, it’s about coffee roasting.

BREWED’s new single origin Ethiopian heirloom beans have floral, cherry and strawberry notes. Turner calls it fruity and light. They’ll roll out three other roasts in rapid succession. Near Southside is a Brazilian single origin bean with dark chocolate, almond and cherry flavors. Bishop Arts is Peruvian coffee with nutty cocoa, citrus and brown sugar. And the only blend of the bunch will be the Dallas Blend, hailing from South America with notes of brown sugar, berries and chocolate.

“I wanted it to be approachable for most coffee drinkers, right down to the label, which tells you exactly what’s inside each bag,” Turner says. “We are now a micro roastery and have the ability to customize roasts for special occasions like weddings and showers.

“And we hope to put our new Bellwether Roaster to use roasting house blends for other local businesses too.”

BREWED – Bellwether Coffee machine is a new zero emissions process
Bellwether Coffee machine is a new zero emissions process.

All three of BREWED’s coffee shops have already made the switch and all their coffee drinks are now officially made with their Fort Worth Roast. Bags labeled with BREWED’s favorite cities and the neighborhoods dear to their heart will be for sale at each location as well.

“We are especially excited to promote Dallas and Fort Worth at DFW airport,” Turner notes.

Turner believes this will be a real game changer for the brand. He envisions a VIP Coffee Club and special coffee dinners where guests will leave with five pounds of their own personal roast in the near future.

After all, at BREWED, it’s all about what’s next.

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