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Dallas’ Best Frozen Desserts — Crazy Treats That Make Summer Almost Cool

BY // 08.07.17

As Texas’ triple-digit heat approaches, it’s important to remember to stay hydrated — and eat as many frozen desserts as possible. When the standard scoop of ice cream just won’t do, try one of Dallas’ more unusual frozen concoctions. Think outside of the cone with over-the-top ice cream sammies, dairy-free fruit pops and boozed-up shakes.

Here are five sweet ways to stay cool in Dallas this summer:

Churro Alley

At this Carrollton sweet shop, cups of creamy soft serve are decked out with fun toppings like fruity pebbles and crushed cookies, and crowned with a tall, golden churro. The namesake pastries at Churro Alley are fried in a teardrop shape instead of the standard stick, making for a dramatic presentation.

Take this decadent frozen dessert over-the-top by having your churro dipped in chocolate and rolled in coconut (or whatever topping you prefer).

Milk n’ Cream

You’ve surely had an ice cream sandwich before, but what about an ice cream panini? (Don’t worry, it’s not as melty as it sounds.) Next door to Toasted Coffee on Greenville Ave, Milk n’ Cream stuffs scoops of ice cream into sweet milk buns, then uses a machine to hot press and seal the sammie without overheating.

Chills 360

With its mesmerizing preparation and appealing presentation, rolled ice cream has become one of the Internet’s most viral desserts. You can experience the food trend IRL at Chills 360 in Deep Ellum. The shop pours the liquid ice cream mixture onto a frozen plate, along with toppings, and mixes until it begins to solidify. Then they flatten the ice cream into a sheet, and use spatulas to carefully roll up little sections.

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The finished product is a bouquet of rose-like ice cream rolls.

The Pharmacy Deep Ellum

You may have heard about the appointment-only alcoholic creamery, Ice Cream Wasted, but there’s another boozy sweet shop in town for when you need a quick fix. The Pharmacy in Deep Ellum opened last week and serves alcohol-infused milkshakes into the wee hours.

The shop also has floats, ice cream sandwiches, shaved ice, a full bar, and an arcade. Check it out at the grand opening party  this Thursday, August 10.

Encanto Pops

This Oak Cliff shop gives classic Mexican paletas a modern spin. Made with colorful chunks of seasonal fresh fruit, the pops are perfectly refreshing for hot summer days. You can choose from an assortment of water-based popsicles, including cucumber lime jalapeño or mango with Chamoy, and cream-based popsicles, such as coconut or Mexican chocolate.

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