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What is Dallas’ Best Taco Shop?

Vote Now to Decide the City's Taco Champ — and Get a Chance to Win $250 in Free Food

BY Virginia Reynolds and Megan Ziots // 07.12.19

This poll has now ended – the winner of PaperCity‘s Best Taco Challenge is Taco Lingo. Congratulations!

Tacos are a Texas staple — and not just on Tuesday. Dallas’ taco scene has definitely taken major strides in the last few years and now measures up to many taco meccas.

But what’s the No. 1 taco shop in the Dallas area?

You get to decide by voting for your rightful champ in the PaperCity Best Taco Challenge. The winning Dallas taco restaurant takes home serious bragging rights, but you get a chance to win big too.

One voter will be randomly selected to win $250 in free food from the Dallas taco shop that takes the crown. That’s one serious taco bonanza. You can vote once per day — and the more times you vote, the more chances you have to win.

Here are the 10 championship Dallas taco contenders:

Introducing Pêche

  • Bering's Gift's May 2024
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  • Bering's Gift's May 2024

Revolver Taco Lounge

This Deep Ellum spot opened in 2017 in a small space with just 49 seats. Since then, it’s made its way to a permanent spot on the lists of best tacos circulating around Dallas. Owned by Regino Rojas, the corn tortillas are house-made and fresh as can be.

Taco Heads

Starting as a food truck in Fort Worth, this taco spot expanded to a trendy Henderson location. And did we mention the $5 margaritas on Mondays?

Tacos Mariachi

This Dallas gem is well-known for being on Guy Fieri’s on Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives. This taco shop has a ton of other funky tacos, as well as traditional carnitas, pollo al pastor, or barbacoa.

Resident Taqueria

Located in Lake Highlands, this Mexican restaurants serves some of the most unique tacos in Dallas. Resident Taqueria’s New York-native chef Andrew Marc Savoie moved to Lake Highlands without a taqueria in sight, with a goal of opening his own restaurant.

Chef Andrew Savoie of Resident Taqueria creates chef-driven tacos in Lake Highlands.


Roberto Espinosa knew what he was doing when he opened Tacodeli in Austin, and the Dallas offshoots live up to the hype. The menu is vast, but that’s what makes Tacodeli stand out. There are options for everyone.

Taqueria La Ventana

Known for its funky and casual vibe, this taqueria offers everyday Mexican street tacos. White corn tortillas and fresh salsas are handmade everyday.

El Come Taco

El Come brings the roots of Mexico City to Dallas, serving traditional tacos. Located in the Henderson area, the counter service taco shop offers so many taco options. From meat lovers to more adventurous tacos, such as the sesos, veal brains, taco, there’s something to eat for whatever mood you’re in.

Velvet Taco

Velvet Taco keeps it unique and funky with unusual taco combinations galore. Where else can you get a chicken and waffle taco?

Velvet Taco
Velvet Taco creates some delicious gourmet tacos.


This cool and casual spot located in The Union is a welcome treat. Besides its knock-out tacos, TacoLingo also offers a selection of nine margaritas. Yes, nine.

Chilangos Tacos

This is a Mexico City taqueria transported to Dallas. It was created from the idea of going back to the basics and offering the most natural ways to serve tacos, as if you were in Mexico.


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