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Dallas’ Best New Ramen Restaurants — Where Noodles Reign

From a Japanese Import to a California Pioneer, the Foodie Fever is Real


Ramen has gone past craze to the point where it’s a staple for self-respecting foodies these days. I tried my first bowl of ramen that didn’t come from a 25 cent package labeled “Chicken Flavor” in Burbank, California a few years ago, and was immediately hooked. But many discerning eaters jumped onboard long before then.

The warm, slurpy, messy, delicious Japanese dish is a force in Texas and its grip is only growing. There are a number of new ambitious ramen restaurants in Dallas.

Here’s your Dallas ramen rundown:


625 High Market Street, Suite 185

This California-based ramen joint just opened up at South Victory. It offers 12 ramen options, including the JINYA recommended Spicy Chicken Ramen with chicken broth, chicken chashu, spinach, spicy bean sprouts and green onion and the Sprouting Up Ramen with pork and chicken broth, pork chashu, spicy bean sprouts, green onion, half seasoned egg, crispy brussels sprouts, black pepper,and ginger.

JINYA is known for its signature stocks and argues that ramen isn’t about the noodles, but the broth. The noodles are still made fresh daily and are made either thin or thick for specific dishes. The spot is a great place for happy hour from 3pm to 6:30pm every day, as it has sake and beer starting at $4, cocktails for $7, and a Jinya bun or small plates starting at $3.25.

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Founder Tomonori Takahashi opened his first JINYA Ramen Bar in Tokyo in 2000. When he arrived in the United States in 2010, he saw the need for authentic ramen and opened his first location in California. There are now six locations in Houston with two more on the way, one in Austin, and one in Dallas.

Hinodeya Ramen (Coming Soon)

2023 Greenville Avenue

This spring, a new ramen restaurant from Japan will be opening in Lower Greenville. Formerly the home BBBbop, the space is situated right next to Rapscallion. Founder Masao Kuribara is a native of Japan and fourth-generation ramen maker.

What makes Hinodeya Ramen unique is that its chefs use dashi broth to make dashi-style ramen. It’s made with fish stock, bonito skipjack tuna (katsuo) and konbu seaweed, instead of chicken or pork stock. The menu includes house ramen, clam ramen, chicken ramen and vegan ramen.

The first location outside of Japan opened in San Francisco in 2016. It’s expanded to an additional restaurant in San Francisco since then and this will be its first outside of California.

Hinodeya Ramen Dallas
New ramen spot from Japan, Hinodeya Ramen, is coming soon to Lower Greenville.

Ramen Hakata

327 S. Central Expressway, Allen

Ramen Hakata already has a few locations in the Dallas area, but it just opened up a new restaurant in Allen. It first opened in Addison in 2014 and then expanded to Lewisville and Frisco. Fresh noodles are delivered by flight every day from California.

Hakata style ramen is known for its broth, which is prepared for 36 hours. The menu includes Tonkotsu ramen, Tonkotsu miso ramen, rice dishes and appetizers. The main difference between Tonkotsu ramen and miso ramen is that Tonkotsu ramen uses straight noodles and miso ramen uses curl noodles.

Starters include edamame, fried shishito, gyoza, shrimp buns and Japanese style fries. For dessert, try the mochi ice cream, available in strawberry, green tea, mango, or chocolate, Japanese cheesecake, or matcha mont blanc, which is has green tea ice cream in the form of spaghetti-thin strands.

Kurobuta Ramen & Tonkatsu

2625 Old Denton Road, Carrollton

Kurobuta opened earlier this year in Carrollton. This ramen joint focuses on two Japanese style dishes, tonkatsu (deep-fried pork cutlets) and springy noodles. Located inside of a strip mall, this hidden suburban gem provides some of the best ramen in Dallas.

Besides ramen, Kurobuta serve Japanese curry rice and salads. There are pork, chicken, fish and vegetable-based ramen dishes and mixes as well. There’s also a cheese Katsu, which is basically like a gooey mozzarella stick. The Texas Tonkatsu is great for sharing. It’s about the size of two or three adult hands, as shown in multiple photos on Kurobuta’s Facebook page.

Happy Hour is 8pm to 10pm Tuesdays through Thursdays and 8pm to 11pm Fridays and Saturdays. All alcohol is 50 percent off.

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