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First-of-Its-Kind Avocado Restaurant to Open in Trinity Groves

AvoEatery Features Toasts, Guacamole, Mousse and Beyond

BY // 01.29.20

Trinity Groves has played host to several interesting culinary concepts over the years (remember Kitchen LTO?), but the food-centric neighborhood is set to introduce something entirely original this Thursday. In collaboration with Avocados from Mexico, Trinity Groves will debut an entirely avocado-focused restaurant, AvoEatery. (The website claims it to be “the first-ever polished casual avocado restaurant in the world.”)

Formally tapas bar Casa Rubia, the space has been transformed to look like a living avocado grove—the interior features a large bar, lots of light wood accents, and greenery. Outside, there’s an Instagram-ready backdrop that reads “Avo Good Day” in neon lighting.

As for the avocado-focused menu, there is everything from the usual toasts and guac, but you can also find some very unexpected avocado-enhanced dishes. A delicious steak frites is available for only $22 and includes an New York Strip with avocado herb butter, avocado chimichurri, and fries.


An Asian Avocado Shrimp Salad comes with blackened shrimp, pickled avocado, red leaf lettuce, jalapeño, English cucumber, vermicelli noodles, and ginger soy avocado vinaigrette — nothing you’re going to find anywhere else.

A great appetizer for a group is the guacamole flight, where you can choose from three guacs including mild, medium, hot, hummus, and egg. The avocado frites are a healthful alternative to traditional fries and comes with wasabi aioli for dipping. There are also shareable options like avocado and corn hush puppies, tuna poke, avocado and beef tartare, ceviche, and spring rolls.

Six avocado toasts are available, but they aren’t what you might expect. One comes with maple smoked salmon and another, Waldorf Avo Toast, has apple butter, bleu cheese, apples, and maple walnuts. There’s also a labneh toast with za’atar, pistachios, mint, honey, thyme, cucumber ribbons, and pomegranate that offers a whole new twist on the toast trend.

Salad and bowl creations range from an avocado and grilled steak salad to a grilled avocado bowl with quinoa, baby spinach, avocado citrus vinaigrette, pistachios, feta, and avocado crema. Along with a cheeseburger, you’ll find a BLT with avocado (aka a “BLAT”), and a hot chicken sandwich.

The avocado & grilled steak salad is one of three salads at AvoEatery.

A spaghetti squash and zoodles dish is vegetarian-friendly, with grilled avocado, squash, zucchini, butternut squash, garlic oil, sun-dried tomato, and parmesan. An avocado chicken curry and avocado salmon complete the extensive, avocado menu.

For dessert, you’ve got a frosty avocado popsicle with white chocolate and toasted coconut, avo mousse with raspberry coulis, or the Brownie a la Cado with avocado vanilla ice cream, coconut salted caramel, and fresh berries.

And if you’re going to open an avocado restaurant, you can’t forget the avocado cocktails.

Side note: I just want to say that I’ve never eaten as many avocados in one sitting (I tried about half of the dishes on this menu before I wrote this) or written the word “avocado” so many times in one day.

AvoEatery’s Avo Rita is a cocktail fave. (Photo by Megan Ziots)

The beachy Avo Colado had to be my favorite. Made with RumHaven coconut rum, avocado, coconut milk, and pineapple, it’s a must-try. Another great one is the Pinkies Up with Ketel One, avocado elixir, lemon and egg white. The Avo Rita was also a favorite with tequila, avocado puree, melon liquor, triple sec, agave, and a hibiscus salt rim.

AvoEatery opens for dinner at 3011 Gulden Lane this Thursday, January 30. 

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