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Dallas’ Best Sushi Restaurants

10 Hotspots That Make Raw Fish Sing


People are serious about their sushi, and it seems like everyone has “their spot” if they’ve been living in Dallas for longer than a couple of months. Some seek selections that let the fish shine and others fancy rolls with an ingredient list that lingers from here to Japan.

Regardless of your sushi style, these 10 Dallas sushi restaurants are not going to disappoint. These are the best sushi restaurants in Dallas. So, what are you waiting for? Grab some chopsticks — it’s time to eat.


This restaurant is on the tip of everyone’s tongue as not only the best sushi, but one of the best places to dine in Dallas. With fresh fish flown in daily, you really can count on Tyson Cole’s Uptown restaurant to hook you up with everything from Tasmanian ocean trout from Tokyo’s most famous fish market to a killer “Zero Sen” roll packed with yellowtail, avocado, shallot and cilantro.

A 10-course chef’s tasting is the best way to taste how talented this creative culinary truly team can be.

Dish to try: Hama chili

Yutaka Sushi Bistro

A mentor of mine once told me that you can tell a sushi place is legit if the place is named after the sushi chef. With that said, I paid no attention to this Uptown restaurant’s random shopping center location and locked in on its authentic menu from Yutaka Yamato, who was born and raised in Tokyo.


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And while prestigious publications have hailed it as a “hip” sushi spot, I respectfully disagree. This is a place where you go to get A-plus sushi — meaning people are way too focused on demolishing fresh water eel and sea urchin to snap an Instagram photo.

Dish to try: Fresh water eel

Yutaka Sushi Bistro dallas
Yutaka Sushi Bistro brings an authentic menu from Yutaka Yamato who was born and raised in Tokyo.

Tei Tei Robata Bar

The absolute best thing about this Knox Henderson hotspot is the restaurant’s attitude towards picky eaters. They know that the menu may seem “weird” to Americans, and they are here to tell us all that this is what they grew up eating and that we need to open up our minds and mouths (and be blessed by the some of the best sushi in town).

Go online to check out the daily specials flown in fresh from Japan including things like Hokkaido fresh octopus and baby Yellowtail carpaccio.

Dish to try: Japanese snapper


Teiichi Sakurai is essentially the God of Dallas Japanese food. I mean, do a little digging and his handprints are all over multiple mainstays on the Dallas dining scene (spoiler alert Teppo and Tei Tei). None, of course, that overshadow this swanky One Arts Plaza palace that is known for freshly made soba noodles and seasonal sashimi.

Check the restaurant’s Facebook page to stay in the loop in regard to all the exclusive Omakase experiences.

Dish to try: Spicy Tuna Pressed Sushi

Tei-An dallas sushi
Tei-An is a true Dallas sushi palace.


Talk to any old school sushi lover in Dallas and they are bound to wax poetic about this iconic spot on Greenville Avenue that is, as you might guess by its location, more casual than some of the other swankier spots on this list. Uni lovers delight in Teppo’s reasonable prices (if you know, you know) and the rolls benefit from freakishly fresh fish.

And while you’re visiting, you’ be remiss not to order a thing or two from the yakitori grill.

Dish to try: Uni or Super Toro


This new Kent Rathbun restaurant in Victory Park doesn’t just do sushi, however, it is quickly becoming the go-to spot for just that before a night out in the downtown Dallas area. The menu is extensive, and the rolls are creative.

The best news? Those who want sashimi are as accommodated as those who want fancy pants rolls. An obvious accompaniment to any serious sushi sesh here is a lobster shooter.

Dish to try: Big Sister Roll

Imōto Dallas restaurant
Imoto — a new Dallas restaurant — brings signature sushi rolls.


People around the country know that this iconic sushi spot is going to serve up fresh fish in a sophisticated setting regardless of which location that you visit. Located at The Crescent, the Dallas Nobu definitely does not disappoint and delivers sushi in all sorts of creative ways.

Do not come here if you are on a budget as you are definitely paying for atmosphere alongside your uni. #Worthit.

Dish to try: Matteo Roll


Yet another random shopping center superstar to make the list. This Oak Lawn-area restaurant is always crowded and packed full of people ordering all of their crazy sushi rolls including the “Texas Roll” that is packed with chopped octopus, avocado, smelt egg and jalapeño or the ever popular “On the Border” roll that consists of salmon and lots of pico de gallo.

Yep, they take it there, and its good.

Dish to try: Uptown Roll

Sushi Sake

If I am going to send a reader to Richardson, it is going to be for good reason. Not that I have a beef (or shall we say fish) with the burbs, but why go if you don’t have to? This iconic restaurant has been in the business for over a decade and serves up some of the best sushi and sashimi samplers in The Metroplex.

Give me all the salmon skin handrolls with a “Crawfish Dynamite” roll on the side, and I am one happy diner.

Dish to try: Sushi & sashimi combination platter ($30)

Lounge 31

Hi haters. Yes, I know this last selection is going to make sushi snobs eyes roll back in their heads, however, I am here to tell everyone that this Highland Park Village lounge is serving up some seriously fresh fish. Whether you opt for the “Special Cucumber” roll with salmon, spicy tuna, crab, avocado and Daikon sprouts or venture a little more outside of your comfort zone with the “BBQ Eel”, the sushi experience here is exactly what people who dine in this zip code want it to be — high quality

Do not forget that a half price happy hour makes this one of the best after-work spots to enjoy sushi in the city.

Dish to try: Hamachi tempura roll

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