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Midtown’s Newest Bar Brings a Giant Indoor Slide — and a Reverence for All Things ’90s

Sliding Into Electric FeelGood, the Most Unlikely Sister Bar Ever

BY // 09.16.19

The Houston nightlife scene may have lost Sage County and Midtown Drinkery from its bar lineup, but Carmack Concepts isn’t letting this Midtown opportunity slide.

It’s a new day, it’s a new dawn, it’s a new life for 2416 Brazos Street. And it’s feeling good.

The new spot is called Electric FeelGood, after all. How could it not?

Space City’s in for a retro cosmic cowboy feel with this brand new saloon, a pulsing prismatic place chock-a-block full of Instagram-worthy custom neon signs, boasting cocktails and flatbreads galore.

The ultra-photogenic Electric FeelGood comes in at two stories, a sprawling total 11,000 square feet, topped off with a covered rooftop 4,000-square-foot patio.

To say it’s nostalgic is an understatement. One glowing electric sign, “Feelin Fckn Good,” was modeled after the ‘90s hallmark Reading Rainbow logo.

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Most of the staff are ‘90s babies, already craving Electric FeelGood’s “Saved by the Brunch” eats on weekends, with the likes of Fruity Pebbles-stuffed pancakes and Pop-Tarts.

And let’s not let the literal indoor LED-lined playground slide slip by unnoticed. The short trip down memory lane comes with a bonus — it’s set against a view of Houston’s skyline.

But Electric FeelGood isn’t just a throwback. It’s looking forward.

“It’s kind of one foot in the future, one fit in the past. I guess you could even call it futuristic-retro,” Jason Carrier laughs.

Carrier and brothers Chad and Brad Womack are the minds behind Carmack Concepts and also own Electric FeelGood’s sister bar, next-door neighbor Dogwood, a certified Midtown fixture.

Dogwood is what they’re known for. Electric FeelGood is a whole new look.

The ultimate goal for Electric FeelGood was to make a bar that meshed well with the bar next door, but brought something entirely new and distinct.

Carrier puts it this way: the No. 1 priority was to build two places with totally different vibes —  where if a stranger walked into Dogwood and then Electric FeelGood, they’d never expect they were owned by the same people.

“That was our No. 1 priority, to get us away from our natural tendencies. This was really out of our comfort zone,” Carrier notes.

Pushing boundaries has its rewards.

The innovation owes itself to the evolution of the very concept of bars over the past 10 years. Carrier and the Womacks got their start as bartenders and have seen the major changes in the industry over the years.

“Bars have transitioned from people standing around talking to each other and maybe dancing and watching the game — to needing to be entertained by stuff and needing stuff to take pictures of,” Carrier tells PaperCity.

Inside Electric FeelGood

Electric FeelGood delivers, not just with the decor. The bar’s massive TV set-up can be split up into eight differed feeds. You won’t find SportsCenter on a constant loop at this joint.

“Twenty years ago, we were kind of limited in content. Well, as technology has grown, we now have stuff like Chive TV that shows bloopers, access to Apple TV. We also have our own video graphics we’re using late night as we transition from whatever sporting event or whatever movie’s on,” Carrier says. “We’re trying to make that kind of unique to us.”

Like a cartoon-style spaceman astride a rocket soaring through space as planets fly by, or a skeleton scattering sparks of light with its footprints, all in a dizzy-happy yellow, blue and pink palette.

electric feelgood
Happy hour goes from 3 to 7 pm.

“It’s important nowadays to separate yourself in some ways from everybody else. To do things your own way, so you’re remembered,” Carrier says.

Popular EDM remixes play all night long, and the generous weekday happy hour at Electric FeelGood kicks off at 3 pm and goes on until 7 pm.

For food, you can expect an array of flatbreads, with flavors ranging from poached pear and goat cheese to Brussels sprouts and bacon. But the biggest food takeaway just might be the “bombs.” Think red potatoes slathered in your choice of a trio of sauces, and more.

Cocktails also abound, from four “skinny” options to frozens, to the Sharp Dressed Man, a twist on the classic Old Fashioned that features activated charcoal.

So, you good?

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