These Texas Freakshakes Outdo the New York Originals Thanks to a Fresh Twist

The Crazy Milkshake Trend Reaches a New Level

BY // 07.27.17
photography Courtesy of Creme de la Cookie

The “freakshake” trend has officially hit Dallas and is soon to flood your Instagram feed with photos of ridiculous, over-the-top monster milkshakes. Local bakery Creme de la Cookie started serving the indulgent creations last weekend, and people are already lining up to try them. And, of course, document the experience.

Owner Toni Rivard decided bring the dessert to Dallas after a recent trip to New York, where she visited Black Tap, an early purveyor of the freakshake.

“I thought ‘what are they standing in line for?’ I looked in the window and saw what they were doing and thought, ‘Oh my gosh, I haven’t seen anything like this in Dallas.’ “

She also thought she could do it a whole lot better. The New York restaurant’s shakes were undeniably eye-catching, but how appetizing were they really? The toppings, arguably the main event of this dessert, were store-bought treats like candy, Oreos, and pretzels.

The monster shake needed an upgrade, and Rivard was ready for the challenge.

The freakshakes at Creme de la Cookie are made with Blue Bell ice cream and topped with homemade fudge, homemade whipped cream, Italian cherries, and a slew of the bakery’s made-from-scratch goods.

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“Everything we put on top of it is made in the bakery, so it’s not a bunch of purchased stuff – anyone could do that,” says Rivard.

The shop is currently offering five flavors of monster shakes, plus a few other over-the-top ice cream concoctions.

At first glance, the shakes – piled high with cake balls, cookies, cupcakes, and macarons – look a little intimidating. How do you actually eat this thing?

“It’s not easy,” Rivard jokes. “We put down a big place mat for people. They’ll take whatever they don’t eat to go.”

The monstrous desserts cost $12 and are meant for sharing with a friend or two. However, Rivard says a few brave souls have taken on the freakshake alone.

“I’ve only seen two people finish it, that’s a commitment.”

With its highly Instagrammable appeal, the freakshake has been drawing in foodies from across the metroplex.

“Everyone wants to take pictures of them. It’s hilarious, I have a picture of everyone taking pictures,” Rivard says.

As tantalizing photos of the shakes spread like wildfire through social media, it won’t be long before another Dallas spot decides to get freaky.

“I haven’t started seen anyone else in Dallas doing it. I’m sure they will be now,” Rivard says.

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