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Houston’s Craziest New Desserts are on a Mission

Wild Ice Cream Concoctions Do Harvey Good

BY // 09.13.17

In the wake of Tropical Storm Harvey, Lee Ellis’ sweet tooth appears to be working overtime. In less than a week, the restaurateur who brought us fried chicken and donuts has introduced two new killer, calorie-busting desserts.

The first was introduced last week as a nod to Harvey recovery. Lee’s Creamery has dubbed its latest ice cream flavor Buffalo Bayou. And just as the bayou flows brown, so this treat is based on milk chocolate ice cream and laced with salty caramel marshmallows, blondie chunks, toffee chips, and toasted pecans with a caramel swirl. God, save me.

That will be $3.75 for one scoop or $5.50 for two scoops. Want that sugar in a homemade waffle cone? Add $1.50.

Proceeds from sales of the newbie, which will be offered indefinitely, will be donated to the Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund, which is administered by the Greater Houston Community Foundation. 

Ellis confesses to PaperCity to having an over-active sweet tooth. He loves ooey gooey sugar laden and calorie heavy desserts. That explains a lot. And, yes, he is the creative force behind all of these yummy ideas.

Less than a week after Lee’s Creamery debuted the new flavor, Petite Sweets, also under Ellis’ foodie umbrella, revealed that through September proceeds from sale of the wildly popular salty caramel macarons will also be donated to the relief fund.

Today brought announcement of yet another inspired artery-clogging treat, this one available at Petite Sweets. How about a fresh-baked, glazed donut from Lee’s Fried Chicken and Donuts filled with any of Lee’s Creamery’s 24 flavors? It’s a dreamy donut ice cream sandwich.

Just to drive our tastebuds crazy, there are four versions of this delight. You can have your sandwich plain or go for the Sugar Coated Susan’s Way in which the donut is tossed in a sugar mixture. Or perhaps more to your mood would be the Mermaid Sprinkles version which is topped with jimmies, pearls and sprinkles in light blue, purple, green and white with white icing. For a color change, there is the Galaxy Sprinkles version which includes jimmies, pearls and sprinkles in dark blues, purples, black, silver and white with white icing. Price tag: $6.

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