Dallas’ Mr. Brunch Finds a New Favorite — Hudson House is a Haven for Oysters and More

Rapidly Growing Dallas Restaurant Retreat Brings Plenty of Charms

BY // 11.14.19

If you know me or have read any of my restaurant stories in the past year you may have noticed that I want to become that guy — Mr. Brunch. You know that guy.

He reads the New York Times Sunday edition cover to cover (and often attempts the crossword puzzle). He knows how to style himself impeccably in a calculated casual way. And, of course, he knows every great brunch spot in town.

On my quest to become that ideal of a human, I have found a new favorite brunch spot, Hudson House. It boasts two Dallas area restaurant locations — one in Addison and the other in University Park, with a third is poised to open in early 2020 in Lakewood.

I recently went to the Addison Hudson House for a late Sunday brunch. We had a reservation and it was crowded, but it looked like those without a reservation were not having to wait more than 10 to 15 minutes for a table. This Hudson House has a charming outdoor patio, but alas the weather wasn’t on our side that day for dining al fresco.

The dining room has an old school vibe with parquet floors and an overall light and bright feeling. One of my favorite decor choices was amongst the numerous framed prints, I found one of Jack Nicholson. Who doesn’t love one of Hollywood’s most notorious bad boys watching over them as they sip on a martini?

First off, I knew this was a cool place given that our server Jill had an amazing haircut, platinum and edgy — and also worked on the side as a DJ. We went with her recommendation to start with oysters.

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A fabulous little menu card was presented with the options: Pemaquid (from Damariscotta River, Maine, blue point (from Norwalk, Connecitcut), chappys (from Martha’s Vineyard), Wellfleet (from Cape Cod), malpeques (from Malpeque Bay, Prince Edward Island), and raspberry (also from Malpeque Bay, Price Edward Island).

As I am not a true oyster aficionado I appreciated that each had a description. In the case of the blue point the blurb read “first timer’s favorite” and for raspberry simply “oyster snob’s favorite.” Also, the Hudson House team is smart to recommend the perfect drink to accompany each oyster.

For the raspberry, it’s Moët & Chandon and for the Wellfleet it’s Whispering Angel Rosé.

My colleague, the ever-so-chic Lisa Collins Shaddock, shared with me that she and her husband are diehard Hudson House brunch fans. When they go they like to play a game where they fantasize about traveling to the place where their oyster hails from and what they would do there for a vacation.

I really need to ask her for recommendations now from her fantasy trips to Damariscotta River.

Hudson House’s oyster selection is impressive.

My dining companion and I decided to try all six oyster options at Hudson House and all were delicious, but I must say that the blue points were my absolute favorite. I made sure to note when we were leaving that during happy hour (every day from 3 to 6 pm) all oysters are half-price (normally it’s $3.50 per oyster).

A Cruise Through Hudson House’s Menu

From a great start with oysters, we went to a very traditional brunch choice: bagels and lox. However, we were curious to try a Hudson House curveball suggested by Jill — the restaurant’s version with lobster pulled knuckles and claws. I loved this spin on a classic that was exceptionally light with its cucumber and cream cheese spread.

We went on to sample many other items that our charming and knowledgeable server recommended. Those included the scallops, steak frites and ahi tuna. All good, but I must point out another item that I will likely return to have again and again — the lemon pancakes.

They were light and fluffy, almost as if they were the clouds from my culinary heaven. The pancakes were topped with lemon ricotta, powdered sugar, cream cheese glaze, blueberries and whipped cream. Lemon ricotta now needs to go on almost everything I make.

I’m looking forward to the opening of the Lakewood Hudson House as it will be much closer to my house. When posed with the question of why Lakewood, Hudson House owner Hunter Pond replies, “There was no question that Lakewood would harbor our third Hudson House. We can’t wait to bring the classic, energetic vibe surrounding our Highland Park and Addison spots to East Dallas.”

Well, on my quest to become Mr. Brunch, Hudson House will now be on the rotation as I walk in wearing a Brunello Cucinelli navy cashmere sweater, Alexander McQueen skull scarf around my neck (tied haphazardly but in a calculated haphazard way), J.Crew chinos (come on, you can’t be wearing all uber expensive items) and Adidas Stan Smiths.

If you see me, be sure to come over and offer to help me with my New York Times crossword puzzle.

Hudson House, 4933 Belt Line Road, Addison, 75001, 214.702.5002,


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