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Shape Shifting Sushi Invades Houston — Hot Atlanta Spot Brings Sushi Pizza, Donuts and Corndogs

Poke Burri's Secret Menu Guarantees It's Anything But Just Another Poke Restaurant

BY // 08.16.19

It’s no secret that Houston is big on sushi. And secret sushi menus? Well, we can’t get enough of those.

Now, a much-hyped new poke joint from Atlanta with serious sushi chops is headed to Houston, bringing the best of both worlds.

Poke Burri may dub itself a poke restaurant— which we know means fresh fish expertise — but you could say it’s mastered sushi.

There’s no telling just yet when or where Houston’s Poke Burri will open, but we’re sure its Instagram account is bound to amass tons of followers.

The seafood haven is all in on making poke and sushi more approachable and innovative at the same time. Sashimi lovers and newcomers alike won’t be able to resist their creations, usually in the form of fun fusion.

It’s safe to say you’ve never seen sushi like this before. The fresh fish comes in all different familiar forms, but they’re unexpected as all get out.

Poke Burri’s Secret Menu

Poke Burri’s secret menu is catered to junk food junkies. Think sushi in tucked into bursting burritos, scattered on top of crispy nori crust pizzas, molded into greasy deep-fried corndogs and shaped into savory donuts. Why eat sushi roll when you could have a massive sushi burrito in your hands?

But remember — this is comfort food without any of the guilt.

Imagine all the tantalizing, tasty and custom combinations you could come up with, thanks to their huge array of ingredients. Crab salad, tuna and salmon are on tip of the protein iceberg. Red cabbage, avocado and beets are just the start of the veggies. And sauces? Start with the sweet chili peanut and explore from there.

And the craze is catching, with multiple locations in Atlanta popping up since its 2016 debut, to new Poke Burri restaurants in Tampa, Detroit, Denver and beyond.

Their typical sushi-rritos include the Stranger Things-inspired “Demogorgon” with spiny tuna, eel sauce and tempura flakes, the Avatar-inspired “Uncle Iroh” with crispy tofu, ginger miso and beets and more.

It sure looks like Poke Burri will bridge the gap between stellar sushi and bold burritos. Are you ready for this shape shifting sushi?

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