Billionaire’s Unlikely Dream Crowned the Best Donut Shop in Houston: River Oaks’ Neighborhood Spot Emerges as the People’s Champion

BY // 07.26.18

River Oaks Donuts is known for its jaunty logo, complete with a crown fit for a king. And now, the deluxe donut shop has a crowning achievement — it legit rules.

PaperCity readers have spoken: River Oaks Donuts is the No. 1 donut shop in all of Houston. Garnering an overwhelming 49.90 percent of vote in PaperCity‘s Donut Poll Challenge speaks for itself.

And River Oaks Donuts isn’t the only big winner. One lucky voter in PaperCity’s delicious Donut Poll took home her own prize. Margo Irwin, who describes herself as “a very proud Houstonian,” lands a donut prize that can tackle even the most extreme case of the mega munchies. Irwin gets one year of free donuts from River Oaks Donuts. That’s right, an entire year of free donuts.

Here’s hoping she paces herself. There’s sugar high, and then there’s sugar I’ll see you in the stratosphere.

Keep your eyes peeled for future PC Polls and seize your chance to take home some serious goodies. (Vote now to decide Houston’s Best Sushi Restaurant.)

The royal treats at River Oaks Donuts beat out five other beloved Houston donut options for best sweet pick-me-up honors. Hugs & Donuts put up a good fight, landing a solid 31.87 percent of the vote.. The other finalists — Shipley’s, Lees’ Fried Chicken and Donuts, Glazed, the Doughnut Cafe and Dunkin’ Donuts — all came in with less than 15 percent each. Dunkin’ came in dead donut last with less than one percent of the vote. Better luck Northeast?

Though, just making the finalist cut is no small achievement of its own. These are all worthy Houston donut destination.

So just what makes donut hole hideaway River Oaks Donuts standout among the finalists? Well, those holes are a great place to start. River Oaks Donuts churns out no less than two dozen types of donut holes on the regular, with everything from red velvet to pineapple fritter offerings.

This donut stop also gets major cred for featuring a handy dandy drive-thru. You barely have to lift a finger to snag your white donut with Cap’n Crunch, Cappuccino Cream Donut or Devil’s Food Donut on-the-go. Or go for a custom donut, with virtually endless options.

And would it really be a donut shop without kolaches? River Oaks Donuts has you covered with ham, cheese, egg, bacon and even potato as options there.

Texas billionaires Mindy and Jeff Hildebrand owns River Oaks Donuts and from the time she opened it five years ago, it almost instantly became a neighborhood success. It’s definitely a winner.

The people have spoken.

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