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Fort Worth Finally Gets its Own Shake Shack — With Opening Date Set, Mule Alley Preps for Cult Burger Takeover

The Stockyards Adds Gourmet Burgers in Upscale Redevelopment Push

BY // 01.23.20

While it seems like everyone else in Texas has access to at least one Shake Shack, Fort Worth’s been left out of the gourmet burger fun. Until now.

The city’s first Shake Shake is opening in the Mule Alley redevelopment in the Fort Worth Stockyards. The hamburger haven will take up residence at 122 E. Exchange Avenue Suite 160. It opens this Sunday, January 26 — and will be one of the first things to open in the new Mule Alley.

Yes, Shake Shack has already opened 17 locations across Texas. . .  five in Houston alone, (which seems bit gluttonous — unless you live in Houston). Not that I’m complaining. . . but at least 14 other foreign countries have welcomed their own Shake Shack before Fort Worth got its first taste.

But, we don’t hold grudges in Cowtown. Fort Worth is more than ready to bury the hatchet and welcome Danny Meyer’s burger empire with open arms.

What began as a little kiosk in New York’s Madison Square Park in 2001, has become a full-fledged addiction. To say that Shake Shack has a devoted fan base, is an understatement. People are complete junkies for them. Calm down — it’s just a burger Ya’ll!

In its purest form, the Shack Burger is a single or double meat cheeseburger of 100 percent Angus beef, served on a Martin’s potato roll, and simply dressed with lettuce, tomato and ShackSauce ― their version of a comeback sauce. By the way, Shake Shack serves hot dogs and chicken, too.

This cult favorite is also well-known for its shakes, frozen custards and concrete mix-in desserts, like the Downtown Butter Brown, with vanilla custard and hazelnut brown butter streusel, and citrus marinated raspberries.

What makes Shake Shack crave worthy? Maybe it’s the way they source their ingredients or how they sort, recycle and compost. Perhaps its how they welcome your furry family with dog treats, or the fact that they serve beer and wine along with classic crinkle cut fries.

Mule Alley
Mule Alley will open 10 new concepts at the Stockyards. (Courtesy of Mule Alley)

No matter what draws the crowds, Shake Shack is bravely throwing open its doors this Sunday ― in the Stockyards ― smack dab in the middle of the annual Stock Show and Rodeo influx. So if you venture to Fort Worth’s new Shake Shack anytime soon, expect long lines.

Shake Shack’s Fort Worth Specials

In addition to the classics, the Stockyards Shack will be spinning up a unique selection of frozen custard concretes, including the Cold Shot with vanilla custard, chocolate custard, malt, salted caramel, dark brown sugar and chocolate toffee and the S’Mores with chocolate custard, marshmallow, graham crackers and chocolate truffle cookie dough.

The menu will also feature the Texas-exclusive Link Burger, a cheeseburger topped with griddled Pecan Lodge jalapeno cheese sausage links, pickles and ShackSauce.

Guests can wash their burgers down with local brews from Deep Ellum Brewing Co., Community Beer Company, Four Corner Brewing Co. and Lone Star Beer plus Shake Shack’s exclusive Brooklyn Brewery ShackMeister Ale.

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