This Texas Caterer’s Special Freezer-to-Oven Souffles are Guaranteed to Provide a Rise for Your Dinner

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BY // 11.16.20
photography Terry Vine

Anyone who occasionally checks out my Instagram account knows that I love entertaining at home, love to cook and love to set a pretty table. My dinners often include both my own culinary efforts as well as takeout and prepared food. So I hope that you can imagine my delight when I received an invitation to try out caterer/event planner Elizabeth Swift Copeland’s latest entry — The Fab Fête feezer-to-oven soufflés.

The initial launch by Swift, the founder of Swift + Company, includes Signature Cheese, White Corn & Truffle, and Brio Trio, the latter inspired by favorite charcuterie board accompaniments. And they are available for shipping for holiday gourmet feasts.

So yes, I’ve made a few dessert soufflés in my time but never seemed to fall in love with what I considered the nerve-wracking  process. However,  I have been inspired to meet the challenge. I recall a beautiful lunch in the River Oaks home of Lynn Wyatt, where her French chef prepared a divine lunch of green salad and cheese soufflé. It was perfection. The perfect ladies who lunch midday repast.

But when considering my choice of the White Corn & Truffle soufflé for dinner, I felt that a certain amount of protein was called for, particularly if guests are involved. For a hearty dinner, I decided on asparagus soup (this recipe is delicious) for a starter, the soup made all the richer by my homemade chicken stock, made from the remains of a Costco roasted chicken.

White Corn and Truffle soufflé available for nationwide shipping at; photo by Terry Vine (Photo by Terry Vine)
The white corn and truffle soufflé is available for pick-up or nationwide shipping from (Photo by Terry Vine)

For the main course, I added beef tenderloin and roasted carrots (delish) and for dessert an assortment of cookies imported from Italy. I wanted one of the amazing raspberry tarts from the French Gourmet but I failed to call ahead so there were none on the table by the time of my belated Saturday dessert quest. More typically, I would make a pineapple upside down cake, blueberry kuchen, or Mexican chocolate cake, but I was busy.

On to the White Corn & Truffle Soufflé. Simple, simple, simple. Thaw the soufflé in the 32-ounce ramekin, which comes beautifully packaged that is perfect for gifting. Pop it in the oven for an hour and 20 minutes. And voila! It was perfectly delicious. My husband and our dinner guests were equally impressed. And, yes, we want to try the cheese soufflé next, though we doubt that anything could match the White Corn & Truffle delight.

Interested? Soufflé orders can be made here for pick up at Swift + Company headquarters or ordered for shipping across country.

“Soufflés have been a standout favorite since I started my events company over 30 years ago,” Swift says. “So many people are craving restaurant quality experiences from the convenience of their own home. I am thrilled to share this induling product that’s perfect for ay occasion and can be kept frozen for any occasion to enjoy.”

The soufflés begin at $85 and include a pre-filled 32-ounce ceramic soufflé dish in a fully insulated, decoratively  packaged container, perfect for gift giving.

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