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Beloved Austin Coffee Shop Expands in Major Way With Fort Worth First — the Moon Milk Takeover Begins

Summer Moon Spreads its Throwback Ways

BY // 01.13.20

Summer Moon Coffee first opened in South Austin back in 2005. Its next location didn’t open until 2013 in Buda, Texas. Now, the wood fired coffee shop with that luxurious Moon Milk is poised to run the table, with a rapid expansion to 20 locations ― mostly in Austin, San Antonio, Dallas and Houston.

You might say that they are almost spreading with the speed of an Internet meme .

Fort Worth gets its first taste this week, when Summer Moon’s newest location officially opens this Friday, January 17 at 625 South Main Street. The grand opening is set for 7 am, in the newly built two-story, red brick and glass structure at the corner of Pennsylvania Avenue. There are even a few outdoor seats on the narrow patio.

The brand is a bit of a throwback, painstakingly batch roasting its beans over Texas post oak ― just like folks did in the 1800s. But, it’s a labor-intensive art that Summer Moon thinks makes a real difference in the flavor.

Coffee lovers can buy bags of beans by the pound in flavors ranging from the Honduran, medium intensity Sweet Hearth to Summer Moon’s Central American dark roast called Inferno. All of the other roasts and blends have similar fire-focused names including Blue Blazes, Glowing Ember, Swinging Lantern and After Glow.

Beyond the unique, fire roasting method, what sets Summer Moon apart most is its signature Moon Milk ― the legendary sweet creamer that keeps customers coming back.

Moon milk is rich and sweet, but you can order your coffee to taste and customize how sweet you’d like it. You’ll get the lingo down quickly. Order a One Fourth Moon and you’ll get a splash of the sweetened moon milk, and the rest will be skim milk with your espresso. You can even order a Whisper Moon which is only one eighth Moon Milk, for just a hint of sweetness.

The popular Half Moon Latte is equal parts moon milk and skim, and it gets sweeter from there. A three fourths moon will be mostly moon milk, and the dessert-like Full Moon Latte is not cut with any skim milk at all.

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