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Fort Worth Booze News ― A Taste Of The Good Stuff From North Texas And Around The State

From Texpresso Whiskey to Tequila and One Notable Canned Cocktail

BY // 04.15.24

The beverage industry in Texas has become a “spirited” market to say the least. Local distillers are making big moves and turning out high-quality products. Here are the best Texas whiskeys and tequilas (and even one canned cocktail) in Fort Worth you need to know about now.

Fort Worth whiskey
Charles Goodnight Texas Whiskey honors a legend.

Honoring a Texas Legend

Local history buffs are familiar with Charles Goodnight, who became famous for running cattle along what became known as the Goodnight-Loving Trail from Fort Worth to Denver in the mid-1800s. But, when people think of California’s Foley Family Wines they might not see any connection. Hint: it’s a new Texas whiskey.

“I take great pride in the fact that my great, great uncle was a legendary cattleman and Texan, Charles Goodnight,” says Foley Family Wines founder Bill Foley.

Foley and his burgeoning distilling operation (yes Foley is now in the distilling biz with Lighthouse Gin and El Mexicano Tequila as well). But, the whiskey is actually produced right here in the Lone Star state.

Goodnight Texas Whiskey is a true Texas-distilled and aged whiskey that benefits from our severe climate and the hot, dry temperatures in the rickhouse cause the liquid to rapidly expand into the #3 charred wood. This imparts much more of the barrel’s deep oaky, caramel flavors that perfectly enhance a spicy, high-rye bourbon. It’s now available at spirits retailers across the country.

Fort Worth whiskey
Blackland adds Texpresso Whiskey to its lineup. (Photo by Hannah Lacamp)

New Sips To Try

Fort Worth-based Blackland Distillery in the Foundry District released a brand new spirit to its lineup in celebration of the craft distillery’s fifth anniversary. Since the expresso martini craze is showing no signs of relenting they have produced Texpresso Whiskey ―  a 70-proof Texas whiskey infused with coffee, brown sugar, and pecans.

Introducing Pêche

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TX Whiskey is also launching something new ― the distillery’s eighth expression in its popular Experimental Series. The TX Blend of straight whiskeys is finished in apricot brandy and sherry casks. It arrives at the distillery on April 20.

This newest expression showcases the taste of apricots and bright fruits ― picking up the flavors of brandy and sherry from the casks. They say it has notes of “rye spice, caramel candy, and citrus on the nose; apricot jam and holiday spice on the palate.”

Booze News – April – Founder Victor Diaz holds a bottle of his Carabuena silver tequila. (Photo by Courtney Dabney)
Founder Victor Diaz holds a bottle of his Carabuena silver tequila. (Photo by Courtney Dabney)

Best of the Fest

The Fort Worth Food + Wine Festival always brings along something new to try. I sampled a few standouts over the weekend. All of which are available in our local market.

Austin-based Carabuena Tequila is one such standout. Carabuena’s founder Victor Diaz handed me a taste. His silver-sipping tequila is smooth ― no bite that makes you wince. The Jalisco, Mexico-native, has worked in the food and beverage industry for a decade in Austin while keeping his eye on his side hustle.

“People told me I was crazy to try to make my own tequila, without big money backers,” Diaz tells us. “But I knew I could do it.”

And, so he did. Like Lalo Tequila, Carabuena’s blanco is worthy of an ice block.

Another Texas whiskey brand, STILL Austin Whiskey Co. also caught my attention. One of the growing list of “grain to glass” Texas distilleries, STILL (with a decade under its belt) already has a full lineup, including four new expressions from their bottled-in-bond series, which launched last June.

For those who don’t know, whiskey that is labeled “bottled-in-bond” denotes a spirit that has been crafted at a single distillery, aged a minimum of four years, and bottled at 100 proof. No funny business, or added flavorings and colorings.

Their straight bourbon whiskey is a winner as well ― double gold at the prestigious San Francisco World Spirits Competition, in fact. It gets its sweetness from locally grown white corn, with a long, smooth finish.

Booze News – April – Finnish Long Drink is a Midland-made refreshing canned cocktail.
Finnish Long Drink is a Midland-made refreshing canned cocktail.

A Canned Cocktail of Note

Finally, a newer canned cocktail of note. I know ― hear me out. You might have heard of Finnish Long Drink before. But, you’ve definitely heard about the beverage’s famous trio of investors ― actor Miles Teller, DJ Kygo, and PGA golfer Rickie Fowler. Not even those three superstars were enough to convince me to try it.

But, when I learned Finnish Long Drink was produced in Midland, Texas (not Finland) that changed everything. And, you know what? It’s delicious, and refreshing, unlike many other bland seltzers that you might have sworn off. It now comes in five flavors: traditional citrus (5.5 percent), zero sugar, strong (8.5 percent), cranberry, and the brand-new peach flavor. But, I preferred the traditional flavor.

It’s always fun to try something new, and there is a whole lot that’s new in the Fort Worth beverage world.

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