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Heartfelt Inspiration and a Whole Bunch of Fun — 25th Angels of Hope Luncheon Boosts Child Advocates’ Houston Changing Mission

Giving Kids Who Need Help a Voice

BY // 12.15.23
photography Jacob Power

What: The 25th anniversary Child Advocates Angels of Hope Luncheon

Where: Royal Sonesta Hotel

PC Moment: This is one luncheon that never fails to provide just the right amount of heartfelt inspiration with a whole bunch of fun without beating luncheon guests over the head with myriad speakers repeating the same message.

10. Laura Davenport, Nadine Boutros, Jennifer Vallone (Photo by Jacob Power)
Laura Davenport, Nadine Boutros, Jennifer Vallone at the Child Advocates Angels of Hope Luncheon. (Photo by Jacob Power)

Child Advocates‘ mission was delivered by advocate Alicia Lee who shared her role in helping a young boy whose lower body was in a cast because he was likely run over by a rolling car. Parental neglect at fault. Today, this kid and his baby brother have found a loving, forever home in Austin. Something that might not have been possible without an advocate giving a voice to the children’s needs.

The fun involved a first for this group — 11 popup boutiques set up in the foyer where holiday gift ideas ranged from chocolates to handbags to custom hats. The real shopping op was presented by Neiman Marcus, whose holiday fashions shown on the catwalk were the envy of every party girl among the 500 attending.

The luncheon raised more than $380,000 for the program that aids Houston’s abused and neglected children through the help of trained court-appointed volunteers representing the best interests of the children.

14. Lynda Transier, Ellie Francisco, Lesha Elsenbrook, Bobbie Nau (Photo by Jacob Power)
Lynda Transier, Ellie Francisco, Lesha Elsenbrook, Bobbie Nau at the Child Advocates Angels of Hope Luncheon (Photo by Jacob Power)

The raffle alone raised more than $50,000 thanks to the enviable prizes including a $2,500 Neiman Marcus shopping spree, a $1,000 gift card to The Houstonian’s Trellis Spa and a night out in Houston.

Chaired by Aileen McCormick and Michele Holbrooke, the event honored Joy Posoli for her longtime dedication to and involvement with Child Advocates.

PC Seen: Child Advocates CEO Sonya Galvan, Bobbie Nau, Leisha Elsenbrook, Lynda Transier, Ellie Francisco, Yolanda Marsh, Cletiane Rana, Lisa Monroe, Lavette Simpson, Terri Gee, Vicki Wilson, Laura Davenport, Nadine Boutros, Jennifer Vallone, Natalie Agee,Brandi Wachel, Kameron and Patrick, Dahlson, Kimberly Buettgen, Betty Davis, Lou Ebert, Mary Ann Detmering, Patty Kallmeyer, Courtney Haas, and Virginia Alagugurusamy.

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