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Houston Park Advocates Party In the Great Outdoors With Local Music Stars — Two Very Green Scenes

Urban Green Young Professionals and Buffalo Bayou Backers Keep Things Wild

BY // 06.12.24

In between the late spring rain showers, two of Houston’s leading park-focused groups independently took to the great outdoors for a bit of al fresco fundraising. Hermann Park Conservancy’s Urban Green Young Professionals gathered at Cherie Flores Garden Pavilion in the McGovern Centennial Gardens for “Gardens & Goblets” while the Buffalo Bayou Partnership hosted “Cocktails in Bloom” at Autry Park.

Crystin Pactor and Jilianne Scamperle chaired the Urban Green event that saw 11 food and beverage entities competing for favorite cocktail and favorite mocktail honors with a panel of judges voting on the faves and the 200 attendees voting on the People’s Choice awards.

Matt Harris, Judy Nyquist, Laura Jones, Tara McNeill
Matt Harris, Judy Nyquist, Laura Jones, Tara McNeill at the Buffalo Bayou Partnership ‘Cocktails in Bloom’ event at Autry Park (Buffalo Bayou Partnership photo)

Adding to the festive note was DJ Cleo Fox who not only spun discs but played the saxophone as she sashayed through the youthful throng.

Hermann Park Conservancy president and CEO Doreen Stoller joined the party where familiar faces included Roslyn Bazelle Mitchell, Jennifer LeGrand Howard, Katherine Orellana Ross and Astros senior front-end developer Charles Young and wife Gabrielle.

Cocktails in Bloom

A festive clutch in colorful springtime attire gathered in Hanover’s Allen Parkway development Autry Park, located across Allen Parkway from Buffalo Bayou Park, for an evening of sipping Bluebonnet gin and tonics from Giant Texas Distillers and Tipsy Treats cocktails while enjoying tasty bites from Monarch Hospitality and Thai Tail.

Derrick Shore and Brandon Bourque
Derrick Shore & Brandon Bourque at the Urban Green ‘Gardens & Goblets’ fundraiser at McGovern Centennial Gardens (Photo by J. Vince Photography)

Welcoming guests was Buffalo Bayou Partnership president Anne Olson, who then introduced the multitalented pianist and singer Ben Chavez. The local talent took requests from the crowd for a lively pop-up piano bar performance.

Buffalo Bayou Partnership supporters in the mix included Chris Bilton, Judy Nyquist, Adrienne and Willson Ropp, Erin Patterson, Kara and Ulises Vidal, Mary Ann and Mark Miller, Wendy Craven, David Robinson, Michele and Paul Marvin, Stephanie and Rich Langenstein, Jennifer and Ben McClure, Kari Dagley, Vivian Ho and Richard Boylan.

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