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Houston’s Wedding Queen Tackles Coronavirus Concerns by Making Bridal Even More Personal

How Luvi Wheelock is Social Distancing With Style

BY // 05.14.20

As the stay-at-home mandates of coronavirus begin to relax, many of us will take to venturing out — but perhaps not with the regularity that we previously exercised.

While it seems that everyone is running to get his or her hair or nails done, we, among others, feel a bit squeamish about returning to our old hit-the-road-with-abandon lifestyle. We are still working jigsaw puzzles, cooking dinner, and yearning for a safer world.

Luvi Wheelock is one of Houston’s charming influencers who had spent these many weeks at home preparing to open her Casa de Novia bridal salon at its new location on West Alabama. It was supposed to have opened on April 1, but that didn’t happen. Now with relaxed quarantine rules, she is receiving customers on an appointment-only basis and with loads of protocols in place, including steaming each wedding gown for 30 minutes after it has been tried on.

In the meantime, husband Carlos Wheelock is working from home and keeping an eye on their two young daughters. We visited with Luvi before the store opening and share with you her quarantine notes for your inspiration.

PaperCity: What is your quarantine playlist?
Luvi Wheelock: “Don’t You (Forget About Me),” “Walking on Sunshine,” “Eyes Without a Face,” “More Than Words,” anything by Queen and Phil Collins.

PC: What are you binge-watching?
LW: The Handmaid’s Tale and Ozark.

PC: If your life were a reality series, what would you call it?
LW: A mix of Shark Tank and Project Runway.

PC: Anything productive you’re doing?
LW: I’m taking this time to come up with how to change bridal into something even more personal and how to elevate the experience at the new store. Oh, and then there’s home schooling, cooking, and making sure the new store is perfection.

PC: What are your go-to recipes during this stay-at-home season?
LW: I love Marcia Smart for everything. We are on Bolognese, roasted chicken, barbecued ribs, and pizza weekly.

PC: What is your go-to takeout?
LW: A Fare Extraordinaire short ribs, mashed potatoes, truffled mac ‘n’ cheese; B&B Butchers & Restaurant steaks, salad, that crazy delish bacon side, and dessert; Escalante’s white queso; and Bellagreen sandwiches and salads.

PC: What is your dream takeout?

LW: Anything with tomatoes from Italy’s Amalfi Coast or foie gras from Café de Flore in Paris.

PC: If you could be stranded in the world, where would that be?
LW: Any beach along Riviera Maya.

What is your go-to cocktail for the homebound?
LW: Ranch Water with Don Julio 70 and whole lime.

What games are you and your family playing? 
LW: Uno.

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