Sky-High Gambles, Design Magicians and the Biggest Billionaire of All — Shelby Hodge Hits ‘Em All in Her Storied New Year’s Poem

BY // 12.31.18

T’was the night before New Year’s

and all through our hamlet

Buildings went up in a high-rise gambit.

Out with terra firma, say hello to sky high

Our landscape is changing, we must say ‘Oh my.’

With the population swelling by leaps and by bounds,

the change in our skyline simply astounds.

But let’s look around to the people below,

the ones who kept Houston on a permanent go.

They’re creative, they’re cultured and terribly kind.

Let’s survey the ones who’ve Houston defined.

Randy Powers, Jerry Jeanmard and Paloma Contreras,

John Kidd, Lauren Hudson, and Adrian Dueñas,

they spin design magic throughout the big city,

creating sophistication and making things pretty.

Lauren Rottet, Mac Hoak  and Marcelo Saenz,

they all have their eyes on the best in design.

Let’s turn our attention to the world of good food

where eateries proliferate and customers are wooed.

Armando Palacios and his wife Cinda along with Chris Shepherd and Lindsey Brown,

they’re earning the headlines all across town.

Ryan Lachaine, Philippe Veripand and Maurizio Ferrarese,

options are enough to drive a foodie quite crazy.

We love Ben Berg and his young brother Daniel,

they’ve won over our tastebuds with a talented mantle.

To the retail scene we must quickly turn

while for days of old we certainly yearn.

Bob Devlin of Neiman’s, oh where have you gone?

And Mickey is missed as each night turns to dawn.

We must thank Norman Lewis and Donna, his sweet wife,

for guaranteeing Tootsies a permanent life.

The fashionistas they frolic in the latest of styles

with coifs by Ceron and Mary Riley smiles.

Joyce Echols, Lindsay Love, Lisa Oren, and Duyen Nguyen,

Rose Chen, Shawntell McWilliams and DeeAnn Thigpen,

Jo Lynn Falgout, Gina Bhatia, Diane Lokey Farb,

Katherine Phelps, Courtney Hopson, they’re all in fine garb.

Holly Alvis, Frances Moody, and Katherine Swain,

oh how the stylish ladies they reign.

The movers and shakers we cannot leave out

for without the headliners, the on-lookers would pout.

Lynn Wyatt, Margaret Williams, Ed Emmett and Gwen

We cherish them all, though he did not win. (Chagrin)

Phoebe Tudor and Bobby, Renu Khator and Suresh,

some faces are familiar and some are quite fresh.

Renea Abbott, Greg Manteris, Alex Blair and Astley,

Keith Mosing and Alice and far from lastly

Carrie and Sverre Brandsberg-Dahl,

Kristina Somerville and her hubby Paul,

Marni Greenwood, Mike Mahlstedt and Michael Mandola,

Kristy and Chris Bradshaw, Sabiha Rehmatulla,

Chris Wadley, Katherine Whaley, Allie Fields and hubby Jay,

Sam and Tina Governale, Mary Faye and Peter Way.

Cathy and Joe Cleary, Nicole Katz and Evan,

Dan Dubrowski and his pretty wife Bevin.

But one in some circles shines brighter than all:

Tilman Fertitta, the billionaire belle of the ball.

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