Shelby Hodge’s New Year’s Poem Puts Politicians, Billionaires and Real Estate Stars on Call

See Who Made the Cut This Year as 2019 Gives Way to 2020

BY // 12.31.19

T’was the night before New Year’s

And all through the town

Some folks were happy while others were down.

Mayor Turner rode in on a wave quite high.

Tony Buzbee, on the other hand, tried not to cry

So instead, off he went on his cool jet to fly.

The Allen

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The Astros were naughty, the Rockets quite nice,

The Texans we don’t know, it’s a role of the dice.

But the teams came together one charitable night

Raising $1.4 million for Texans in plight.

Jim Crane, Mike D’Antoni and Cal McNair,

Add Tilman Fertitta to the big guns who care.

We love all the parties we’ve seen through the year

But for Methodist Hospital we really must cheer.

For its 100th anniversary, the records were shattered

And that $9.5 million was all that mattered.

A standing ovation for Ann and John Bookout,

They brought in the money, so give them a shout out.

Business as usual was turned upside down

As the real estate market changed across town.

Compass and Douglas Elliman hit the streets with a mission

Residential real estate saw a formidable transition.

Michael Mahlstedt, Jacob Sudhoff, Laura Sweeney and more

As agents changed hats, our chins hit the floor.

Then luxury leader John Daugherty did sell,

making a deal with Elliman said to be quite swell.

Speaking of real estate, the city’s gone wild

with a vertical boom that is anything but mild.

Think The Pearl, The Preston and Drewery Place,

The Mondrian, The Allen, and Le Palais.

Even La Colombe ‘dOr succumbs to the lure

With Hines as developer, it’s a win for sure.

Who can afford those high rents, we don’t know

but there are plenty of Houstonians with much on the go.

Diane Caplan, Chris Shepherd and Lindsey Brown,

They’re among those making magic all across town.

Add to the list Rufus Cormier, Ben Wiegand and Laurel D’Antoni

Lyndsey and Brett Zorich and Tim Moloney. 

They do it so well with much ceremony

Lauren Randle, Stuart Rosenberg and Whitney Crane,

Kristina Somerville, Brady Carruth and his lovely bride Zane.

Kevin Black and Tony Bradfield, Isabel David and Danny,

Stephanie Cockrell, Betty Leal and Federal Judge Manny.

Terri Havens and John, Christiana McConn,

Aliyya Stude, Betty Moody and Trenton Doyle Hancock,

Leigh Smith, Ann Ayre, Trish Morille and Rock.

The stylish ones rule in this city so chic

Nick Florescu, Miss Sachse as in Dominique

Kristy Bradshaw, Ruth Davis, Greg Fourticq and John Cone

Amy Pierce, Thurmon Andress, Sheri and Grant Roane

Tatiana and Craig Massey, Bill Caudell and Randy Powers

with naming of names, I could go on for hours.

But we’re having such fun t’would be a shame to slow down

for within all these names is the social low down.

William Finnorn, Marnie Greenwood, Bob Zlotnik and Marcie,

Megan Hotze and Ericka Bagwell, they know how to party.

Ceron and Todd Fiscus with Emme, sweet baby,

Courtney Paddock, Dean Gladden, Ken Kades and Mady.

Lindsey Love, Ashley Pearce and Sippi Khurana

Blayne Fertitta, Nina Westbrook, Norman Lewis and Donna.

The clock is fast counting down on 2019,

as we head full force to the 2020 scene.

Here’s wishing you all a happy New Year

With good health, good fortune and lots of good cheer.

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