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Planning an Epic Event is Stress-Free at The Bell Tower on 34th

This Legendary Houston Venue Takes Care of Everything For You

BY // 01.26.23

Planning an event can be a stressful and intimidating process full of pressure to capture that wow factor for guests. Roger Igo, President of The Bell Tower on 34th, one of Houston’s most stunning and storied event venues, has spent his entire career perfecting the art of producing an event.

Igo produces various events that cover a wide range of styles, both formal and casual. His experience creating standout black tie affairs with all the pageantry and sophistication is unparalleled. He also enjoys producing more laid-back gatherings like company barbecues or private music concerts — where guests can relax and have some fun without having to worry about how to dress up for the occasion.

“No matter what kind of event I’m asked to produce, my goal is always to ensure that everyone attending has an enjoyable time and leaves with fond memories,” Igo says.

Igo’s legendary venue, The Bell Tower on 34th is also no stranger to handling multiple projects across a wide range of TV and film networks. “We’ve been proud to work with projects made for Netflix, HBO, ABC, CBS, NBC, Oprah, Telemundo, Lifetime, and TLC — just to name a few! This really highlights the versatility of The Bell Tower on 34th and my team of experienced Event Producers,” Igo says.

Through the years, Igo and The Bell Tower have also helped raise tens of thousands of dollars for charities ranging from cancer research foundations to animal shelters. The team has hosted some truly unique events over the years, creating jaw-dropping moments for every celebration under the sun, including showcases for motorized vehicles, recognition ceremonies for key associations and committees, product rollouts, and celebrations of love that have gone down in history. For The Bell Tower on 34th, nothing is off limits and Igo and his team of experts are ready to make your wildest event dreams come true.

The special venue has had the pleasure of welcoming famous and influential people, from world-renowned musicians to iconic artists and movie stars to talented sports celebrities, they have truly seen it all. “We’ve hosted politicians, judges, CEOs, and billionaires,” Igo says. “Clients have highlighted our reputation for being one of the most exclusive venues in town and we take pride in creating a unique atmosphere for each one of them.”

“I’m proud of the team that we’ve assembled,” Igo continues. “I believe our skill set and experience have enabled us to create memorable events for all different types of clients and organizations. We have an eye for detail, know how to get people excited about causes they’re passionate about, and are driven by making a real difference in our world delivering excellent events that no one will ever forget.”

“This is what drives us here at The Bell Tower on 34th.”


Bell Tower on 34th Event planning
Igo and his team will stop at nothing to make your event spectacular, including bringing in 32 tons of sand for an authentic luau.

Igo’s Favorite Events at The Bell Tower on 34th

Fun in the Sand

“I produced a luau event and we needed beach sand to create the right atmosphere, so I sourced 32 tons of beach sand for us. It was an incredible feat considering our short timeline,” says Igo.

Fire and Ice

“Another one of the most memorable events was when we set the iconic Bell Tower waterwall on fire while the water was coming down. And then our amazing ice sculptor started to carve a 10-foot-tall alien out of blocks of ice with a chainsaw!”

Netflix Nightclub

“I had a great time when we turned our venue into the giant home of a famous novella set for an around-the-clock press junket. For another project, we decked out one of our ballrooms to look just like a nightclub from the Netflix series Narcos and it was a hit! Our design team and special effects department made sure that all necessary items (such as lighting, furniture, and props) were approved and set up on time for these epic projects.”

For more information on hosting your own event at The Bell Tower on 34th, visit their website HERE.