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Cindy Rachofsky, Lisa Runyon, and Gucci Throw an Intimate Dallas Dinner Party for the Fashion House’s Lavish New Texas Store

Money Talks, Gucci Listens

BY // 10.11.23
photography Kaitlin Saragusa

“Lord, let there be a party favor.” A bit gauche, I admit, but that’s the first thought I had when I learned I’d be attending a party at Gucci. You see, normal people like me don’t often attend swanky parties like this– a private dinner at the new Gucci boutique in Dallas on Thursday, October 5.

Art collectors and philanthropists Cindy Rachofsky and Lisa Runyon hosted the celebration of Gucci’s newly expanded location at NorthPark Center and the upcoming TWO x TWO for AIDS and Art gala, which the brand generously supported.

An intimate dinner for Gucci Dallas (Photo by Kaitlin Saragusa)
An intimate dinner for Gucci Dallas. (Photo by Kaitlin Saragusa)

In November 2022, with the store’s build-out well underway, Alessandro Michele, Gucci’s Creative Director, suddenly departed “the house” after more than seven years. His indelible mark on the brand permeated every tentacle of its identity, certainly including the aesthetic vision for the store. Already erected, Michele’s blue-studded walls came down before a single disco bag was sold.

After some tweaks and twirls, the boutique finally opened its spacious new location in August. Father, Son, and House of Gucci: The space is divine, full of pink carpets and star-patterned floors and rich velvets. 

The Gucci Kids Collection gets its own dedicated room. Standing beneath the big top tented ceiling (in the most delicious shade of mint), I admired a tiny denim and sherpa belted trench coat. It costs $2,100, comes as small as a girl’s size 4, and seems like a compelling enough reason to have a child. 

(Hot Tip: A little Italian birdie told me that this room can be rented for private parties. Who’s going to host the chicest baby shower in town?)

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Jessica Nowitzki 3 (Photo by Kaitlin Saragusa)
Jessica Nowitzki (Photo by Kaitlin Saragusa)

To be clear, as far as a social hierarchy goes, I was the least important person at this party. Not one person made me feel that way, though. The Gucci team, with their necks gently adorned in signature bow ties, greeted me (by name!) as warmly as they greeted Nancy Nasher or Nancy Rogers. They showed off their new home, identifying favorite silhouettes and proudly describing the bespoke services made possible by their luxurious 12,000 square feet. 

Among them? A supremely posh VIP shopping area for Gucci’s made-to-measure offerings. Perhaps you need a mini-shift that resembles a disco ball (I do!). Or, get the full Dakota Johnson and have a gown tailored to your every curve for Art Ball 2024.

On hand for the celebration? Some one-of-a-kind feathery frocks that will soon hop from Dallas to Dubai to Tokyo. Big D’s presence in this lineup of global cities underscores just how seriously Gucci feels about its Dallas customers. Money talks; Gucci listens. Dallasites want more than mere access to designer goods — they want an experience. The party perfectly showcased Gucci’s ability to deliver just that. 

Gucci dinner (Photo by Kaitlin Saragusa)
An intimate dinner for Gucci NorthPark, the fashion house’s largest boutique in Texas. (Photo by Kaitlin Saragusa) (Photo by Kaitlin Saragusa)

Todd Fiscus orchestrated the glamorous dinner party, which took place in the NorthPark Center garden under the stars in a clear tent erected for the occasion. Cassandra Moses of Art 2 Catering served a beautiful meal (her heirloom tomato salad is second to none), as I feasted on the rich conversations around me. 

(Brian Bolke, in an apricot-hued dinner jacket, streamed the recent Gucci runway show live and offered his take on Sabato De Sarno’s debut collection for the brand. I live for this!)

Brian Bolke, Nancy Rogers, Ceron (Photo by Kaitlin Saragusa)
Brian Bolke, Nancy Rogers, Ceron (Photo by Kaitlin Saragusa)

Wine-colored ranunculus adorned the two banquet tables for the intimate 40-person guest list, which included Moll Anderson, Jessica Nowitzki, and Bela Cooley. In the language of flowers, a bouquet of ranunculus says, “I am dazzled by your charms.” 

Dazzled, indeed. The evening highlighted Gucci’s commitment to an unparalleled level of customer service as an integral component to the full expression of the brand. 

The clock struck midnight, but I didn’t turn into a pumpkin. Instead, you could find me curled up in my new Gucci blanket. 

The party favor? Let’s just say the Lord heard my prayers.

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