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Scenes from EXPOSED, the 2023 AIM at Melanoma Fundraiser at F.I.G.

Fashion! Cocktails! Sunscreen!

BY Claire Grant // 04.19.23
photography Celeste Cass

As the well-heeled guests entered the Fashion Institute Gallery for the 2023 AIM at Melanoma fundraiser fete, EXPOSED, all were delighted by tasty bites from some favorite Dallas eateries — Dive Coastal, The Porch, Mirador, and Tango Room. Further in, champagne and craft cocktails from Billy Can Can flowed. We were off to a great start for a great party.

Co-chairs of the evening Joyce Goss in Alexander McQueen and her daughter, Greer Goss, hosted the affair for AIM which was co-founded by Suzanne Warner and Jamie Jo Boulogne-Cockrell.  The fundraiser, titled Exposed: Revealing the Need for Melanoma Awareness and Research, had honorary co-chairs Gayle Stofell and Cathy Allday. Survivor Chad Braun gave impassioned remarks about the progress being made in this arena and the real need for it to continue.

A look from Elements (Photo by Celeste Cass)
A look from Elements (Photo by Celeste Cass)

Then on to the runway. Fashions began to emerge from Forty Five Ten showcasing the latest Sacai, Oil Sander, Dice Kayek, and Melitta Baumeister. Elements then sent looks by the ever-hot Zimmerman, Smythe, and Palmer Harding. Carolina Herrera showed Resort/Spring ’23, followed by Mackenzie Brittingham’s beautiful, billowy creations. Max Trowbridge‘s bespoke collection was rich, expertly draped black silk – extremely chic and sexy. Philippe Perisse was in from Paris showing his sharp and smart styles that clients can customize with desired fabrics and colorations. The models looked ethereal in the mineral-based, sustainable, directional make-up by Bully Blocker.

Then came the men from POCKETS. Masterful mixing and styling of all Italian designers were on display by Doug Duckworth. Canali and Zegna were just the beginning. Pescarolo, Eleventy. M. Baldassari and Belvest — well, let’s just say we’re glad they landed as they did on this catwalk in Dallas.

As the festivities concluded, guests plucked goodie bags as they exited — inside were samples of the chicest and most savvy items anyone could dream of. Elta 40! Supergoop 50! Bully Blocker! I ran into Max Trowbridge in line at the valet and quickly applauded her uber-elegant and indeed, sexy silk capsule collection.  She replied “That’s the brand we’re shaping!”

As one does, after the sparkly party, one resumes her regular life. At my own Derm appointment a few days later, I asked Dr. Melissa Costner of Dallas Dermatology Partners — what is your top comment about melanoma? Her immediate reply was often heard that night, “Early detection saves lives!”

A look from Mackenzie Brittingham Designs (Photo by Celeste Cass)
A look from Mackenzie Brittingham Designs (Photo by Celeste Cass)

PC Seen: A lively live auction followed with art, fashion, and fabulous trips to be had and to support this cause. Spotted amongst this oh-so-fashionable crowd: Jennifer Brower, Ann Mahowald, Selwyn Rayzor and Rich Moses, Lynn McBee, Gary Weber, Megan, and Damon Williamson, Michael Walker, Sean Corbray, Peter and Lindsey Malouf, Tanya Tarma, Brenda Meloy, Donna Brittingham, Shelley Amason, Maureen Teagle, Paul Otte, Sally Williams, Danielle Dodds, Courtney TauriacJesse and Aaron Farberg.

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