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The Newly Reopened Dallas Petroleum Club Hosted The Family Place for a Glorious ReuNight

Scenes from Charitable Affair

BY // 06.14.23
photography Tamytha Cameron and Celeste Cass

Scene: the 10th Anniversary of ReuNight, benefiting The Family Place, at the Dallas Petroleum Club on May 18, 2023.

Takeaway: There needs to be a charity version of fantasy football. Something where we play strategist with our local non-profit’s gala decisions. That said, if I were a betting man, I would have laid odds on someone finally putting the power combination of Brooke Hortenstine, Margaret Stafford, and Piper Wyatt together. This incredible troika has finally occurred with them as the co-chairs (alongside honorary chair Joyce Goss) of the fundraiser which provides support for the largest provider of family violence services in Texas, serving nearly 20,000 people in 2022.

High Point: For many, including myself, it was the first visit to the newly reopened Dallas Petroleum Club (it moved to its new location in the Hunt Building earlier this year). Guests started out their evening on the 13th floor for cocktails, air kisses, and spectacular views of the city. The Gospel of Light Choir then entered singing “Oh Happy Day” to lead everyone to the 14th floor for the seated supper with stunning décor provided by Todd Events. And what a treat — a three-course dinner curated by James Beard Semifinalist Chef Junior Borges, which included cured scallops with bonito cream, pickled ginger, finger lime vinaigrette, and laminated brioche.

During the delightful meal, Family Place CEO Mimi Sterling took the podium to share a lot of exciting news, after acknowledging the power trio of Brooke, Margaret, and Piper for their tireless work on the event and her gratitude to honorary chair Joyce Goss for her many years of support. She then shared that Texas has one of the highest rates of domestic violence in the country, with one out of every three people facing violence from those who are supposed to love them. Just on that evening, the organization was housing: 64 women, 71 children, 3 men, 2 dogs, and 21 cats. With the end goal to provide each one of those with the tools they need to build a future free from violence.

PC Seen: Bunny and Harold Ginsburg, Claire and Dwight Emanuelson, Lynn McBee, Sharon Lee Clark and Max Clark, Muffin and John Lemak, Niven Morgan and Shelby Wagner, Shelle and Michael Sills, Carol Seay, Kenny Goss, Ashley and Greg Arnold, Michelle Goolsby, Lisa Sherrod, Meghan Looney, Lucy Wrubel, Robert Weatherly, Jan and Dan Strimple, Kris Johnson, Elizabeth Karpidas, Louise Collins, Jennifer Walters, Christin Livesay, Margaret and Barry Hancock, and Alisha and Nathan McGough.

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