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This Art Stroll Offers a Rare Look Inside the Private Studio Sanctum: At Sawyer Yards’ Big Blowout, Anything Arty is Possible

BY Promoted Series Correspondent // 10.01.18

The enormous Houston arts institution Sawyer Yards is once again gearing up for the second blowout in a calendar year with its Sawyer Yards Fall Biannual Art Stroll, which takes place this Saturday, October 6, from 4 pm through 9 pm.

Sawyer Yards is the moniker that defines the sprawling, 55-acre campus and artistic community at the center of the historic First Ward neighborhood near the edge of downtown consisting of the newly minted Sabine Street Studios, Silver Street Studios, Spring Street Studios, Summer Street Studios, Winter Street Studios, and the Silos at Sawyer Yards.

Most importantly, the complex serves as the chief nexus for Houston creatives. The site is home to nearly 350 artists in studio who will open their practices to the public not only for the chance to sell works, but for a rare behind-the-scenes look at how they create and think about art-making in their private studio sanctum.

The Fall Biannual Art Stroll is not merely an indoor market for food and fun for the casual art-lover. It is for those who want a closer connection to some of the best and brightest Houston-based talents as they enter the rarefied air of an artist’s studio space. The idea is to take a discerning viewer deeper, to bring them into the artist’s working environment.

Before the Sawyer Yards complex existed, studio visits were rare and reserved for museum curators or art critics.

No matter what level of buying power you have, there are works to be acquired from Sawyer Yards artists and craftsmen at every price point.

The media is also equally diverse, encompassing paintings, sculptures, ceramics, glass, mosaic, photography, jewelry, and more. An example of the artists that call Sawyer Yards home include Kathy Drago, who took home first place at the Lawndale Big Show; the environmentally focused Celan Bouillet; the precisionist drawings of John Hovig, which take as inspiration the humble paper clip; Iranian-American artist Soody Sharifi, who addresses gender issues in her homeland; and the striking portrait photographs of Argentina-born Karen Navarro.

What: Sawyer Yards Fall Biannual Art Stroll

When: Saturday, October 6, from 4 to 9 pm

Where: Sawyer Yards

Who: Co-chairs Chris Silkwood and John Bernhard

Price: Free

Find more details here.

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