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Solange Embraces Mysterious Marfa — Can Beyonce be far Behind

Scales of Star Power in West Texas

BY Matthew Ramirez & Catherine D. Anspon // 08.24.17

Solange has revealed she’ll be performing her “Scales,” — a concert-meets-art installation collides with performance event —  again. And this time, she will present it in the rarefied air of the Chinati Foundation in Marfa, Texas, during the annual Open House Weekend convergence (which runs Friday, October 6 through Sunday, October 8).

Knowles is going to headline on Sunday, October 8, in a reportedly free performance set outdoors amidst one of Chinati’s most revered artworks (more details forthcoming from the foundation).

Those-in-the-know know that the 15-acre compound is a contemporary arts frontier palace founded by minimalist sculpturist Donald Judd, whom Solange has called one of her top inspirations. “Scales” will arrive in Marfa on the heels of its grand debut at the Guggenheim Museum in May, which followed an exclusive, insider “warm up” version at The Menil Collection in Houston this past April.

Far from a mere concert, “Scales” unites costumes, lighting, dance, and audience interaction as Solange explores themes of race, femininity, sexuality, depression, and more, echoing a church revival or graceful dance interpretation more than a traditional concert experience. Already beautiful against the stark backdrop of the Menil and the grand atrium of the Guggenheim, the Chinatai Foundation in the destination art oasis of Marfa, expands Solange’s willingness to fuse her music and message within the context of fine art, an ability rarely afforded to black women artists.

Knowles is not the only power female in this fall’s Chinati lineup. Brit ’60s Op Art sensation Bridget Riley is the featured visual talent this season. Stay tuned as word’s out Riley is creating a site-specific wall painting whose unveiling coincides with the artful weekend in early October way out West.

Riley joins an esteemed lineup of (mostly) male talents to date celebrated and exhibited in the eagerly watched art fish bowl that is Marfa during its October Open House. Past soloists have included sculptors Larry Bell, John Chamberlain, and Dan Flavin, signaling, especially with Riley pairing with Solange, a welcome embrace of diversity.

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