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Dallas’ Best Downtown Happy Hour?

Charming Hotel Cafe Gives Drinking an Italian Twist

BY India Pougher // 12.02.16

The new Forty Five Ten was certainly the hottest thing coming to Main Street this fall, but downtown Dallas’ bustling Italian eatery, Americano, also has a trick (more like a treat) up its 1960s-inspired sleeve.

The Joule’s charming cafe is introducing a twist on happy hour — a daily “Aperitivo Hour.” From 4 to 7 pm, Americano will serve specially priced cocktails, wines, and beers. From 2 to 5 pm, they’ll serve a menu of delicious small plates. (Think fried olives stuffed with Calabrian chili sausage — yum!)

Just like the Swedes have “fika,” the Italians relax with an afternoon aperitivo (the Italian word for aperitif). It’s rumored that the tradition began in Milan in the 1920s (how chic), although some would argue it was even earlier than that.

Traditional aperitivo drinks include a Negroni (Americano’s is made from gin, Campari, and rosso vermouth), and the restaurant’s eponymous beverage crafted of Campari, soda, and Vermouth.

Americano, 1530 Main St., 214.261.4600.

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