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Getting to Know Brad Bevill, Dallas Dog Behaviorist and Unlikely Reality TV Star

Paired With Client Kameron Westcott on Bravo, Bevill’s Personality and Skills Shine Through

BY // 03.05.21

“Serious” isn’t a word often associated with The Real Housewives, but it’s an apt way to describe Brad Bevill’s dedication to dog training. The longtime local canine behaviorist has begun making regular appearances on Bravo’s Dallas franchise, offering his services and incredibly thorough accountability charts to cast member Kameron Westcott’s beloved Pomeranian Fanci. Their training styles differ as wildly as their aesthetics — Bevill’s sleeves of colorful tattoos and relaxed tees contrast wildly (and comically) against Westcott’s dedication to pastel pinks.

Bevill Dog Behavior (BDB) first launched in 2013, after Bevill left his corporate career to blend his passion for animals and interest in behavioral studies. The business has since earned a loyal Dallas clientele, with Bevill’s confident, calming demeanor and expertise finding its way to NBC news and Bravo TV.

We caught up with Bevill in between his canine client training sessions to get some insight on his RHOD debut, his dog rescue project, and working with his most famous client, Fanci.

When you were on Bravo’s Watch What Happens Live, Carson Kressley stated to Andy Cohen that you were “hot but grumpy.” Was Kressley spot on?
Brad: 100% true. My wife said Carson nailed it perfectly. I am a very direct and passionate person. I take it very seriously.

How did you get connected with Kameron (and Fanci)?
Brad: She reached out a few years ago about their bulldog named Chunk. A bunch of her friends were clients, so she knew who we were. When she got Fanci, she wanted to make sure the proper training measures were taken.

Brad Bevill with Kameron Westcott, Fanci, and her children.

Is Kameron enforcing your rules?
Brad: Kameron is amazing. She is kind. She is thoughtful. She is on time and does exactly what she says she’s going to do. She is absolutely one of the best, most incredible human beings. She walks Fanci every morning and makes her sleep in the crate.

What are you most proud of with your Fanci trainings?
Brad: Just the fact that Kameron took away how important exercise is and that made me really happy. Dogs have a lot of pent up energy and they need to vent energy. If we do it in healthy ways, they are more likely to make better decisions. Also understanding the importance of the crate and how that plays into potty training.

So how many dogs do you typically train at once?
Brad: I only train six dogs at a time, two per location and I will not change that. Our waiting list is for September and October. So obviously I’m missing out on revenue, but I don’t care. The quality is more important to me than making a few extra bucks, so we do six at a time.

Dallas dog behaviorist Brad Bevill with some local clients.

What does a typical work day look like for you?
Brad: The formula is work, rest, work, rest so we work them hard, we work the brain, we work the body and then boom we put them up and let them take a nap. And then we work them hard, and then we put them up and let them take a nap. This is basically mimicking mother nature so that’s kind of the way we built our day around how dogs sort of naturally, instinctually behave. And that’s what behavior is about.

What’s next for BDB?
Brad: We’re starting to focus more on Bevill Dog Rescue and Sanctuary, which is our nonprofit and we’re looking at land and to raise money. We’re going to have a huge sanctuary with dogs that could never be in a normal home and then the for-profit side of that ranch will be corporate leadership training.

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