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Houston’s No. 1 Restaurant Couple, a Science Giant’s Death and Serena’s Power

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BY // 09.02.15

Our editors are a diverse lot, and are constantly reading content on a long and diverse list of publications and sites. In What We’re Reading we share the wealth.

The U.S Open is here, and all of New York (and much of the world) will be watching to see if Serena Williams can make history. She has been a force in tennis for years, and she’s also a force in fashion. Here’s a look at what her brand has been up to recently.

He was a giant in the field of neurology, and he was a damn fine writer. His The Man Who Mistook His His Wife for a Hat is a classic, and will still find readers hundreds of years from now. I’m talking, of course, about Oliver Sacks, who died this past Sunday. His life is well worth studying, and his work was profound. Here’s what a few scientists had to say about the man.

Hugo Ortega and Tracy Vaught, who own and operate a small empire of restaurants in Houston, have a unique story. They are married, and met when Ortega was working in a restaurant owned by Vaught. Since then the couple has opened three acclaimed dining spots in Houston, to the delight of food lovers everywhere. The Atlantic features Ortega in a video essay here, and we recommend it highly.

What’s in a name? Here’s a fun look at the United Slang of America, which assigns a unique word to every state in the union. Cattywampus? Hoss? Let us know what you think about your state’s moniker.

Black is the color of … what? Emptiness? Cool? Smoke? Negativity? Here’s a fascinating read on the color that never goes out of style.

And the Mona Lisa Smile has captivated millions for centuries. I can stare at it for hours and never tire of imagining da Vinci working on the masterpiece. But wait, there is a second Mona Lisa Smile, and it’s a lovely work.

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