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Dallas-Based Leviate Air Group is Transforming Private Air Travel

Flying High

BY Katherine Gring // 03.03.22

As post-pandemic travel ramps up again and airports become congested, the demand for private air transport is at an all-time high. As if on cue, Dallas-based Leviate Air Group has entered center stage. Latinx-founded by Luis Barros and led by visionary business partners Rob Rosenberg and Randall Mize, Leviate has been revolutionizing how the affluent travel since 2014 — one private jet at a time.

The company, whose name derives from a blend of the words levitate, aviate and elevate, is doing just that to private aviation. Using its all-encompassing ‘under-one-roof’ model, Leviate bridges the gap between charters, sales, and management to aptly deliver on all your private jet travel needs. In 2021, after an especially challenging period for air travel, Leviate Air Group earned a spot on the Inc. 5000, a list of the fastest-growing companies in the country.

Leviate Partners Group Shot
Leviate Air Group Partners: Luis Barros, Rob Rosenberg, Randall Mize (Photo by Jonathan Carrera)

Looking to charter a plane? They’ve got an (oh-so-conveniently chic) all-matte black Gulfstream G-IV waiting for you in the hangar. Want to enhance your spring break experience because chartering is a little too been-there, done-that? No problem. Leviate Air also specializes in aircraft sales and management. Or do you just need someone to manage your high-flying asset because really, who has the time for that? Leviate is on it. Oh, to have your own tail number. A girl can dream.

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