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Turning Recession Fears Into Opportunity — Now Is the Time to Grab Control of Your Financial Future

How the Experts at Texas Capital Bank Can Help You Change Your Money Outlook

BY // 03.16.23

Everywhere you turn these days, it seems the economy is in the headlines. From rising interest rates to inflation to the Texas housing market (is it hot, or is it not?), things can get confusing fast. Fears of economic slowdown caused in part by the Federal Reserve’s policy actions are pervasive. But Texas Capital Bank is here to help Texans navigate these uncertain economic times — and even turn them into an opportunity.

When you think of a recession, a bleak picture likely comes to mind. This can be especially true when it comes to traditional assets. Fears of 401Ks plummeting in value, housing values continuing to decline and inflation making the money in your bank account worth less can dominate the economic landscape.

But a recession also present chances to grow your assets while everyone else is in panic mode. Especially if you turn to certificate of deposits (also known as CDs), an area where Texas Capital Bank’s expertise can be your biggest ally. A certificate of deposit lets you invest money for a set period of time in order to secure higher interest rates than you would get on a normal savings account. If the economy is in recession, it’s the perfect chance to build up extra money to set yourself up for when things do get better.

With CDs, you are guaranteed a fixed interest rate for a pre-determined length of time. The return is guaranteed at the specific interest rate even if market rates go lower. The length of time varies, but generally, you can purchase three month, six month, twelve month, and twenty-four month CDs.

Having a financial ally on your side, like the experts at Texas Capital Bank, can help you find the best interest rate for your CD investments.

Another valuable tool are high yield savings accounts which boast rates that are higher than they’ve been in a decade. Right now, the best high-yield savings accounts have interest rates above four percent. Trying to save up for a major purchase like a new house? Both 12-month CDs and high yield savings accounts can be valuable tools to help make that happen.

You can rest easy knowing your money is safe, because CDs and high yield savings accounts are insured up to $250K by the FDIC. And who doesn’t want consistency in uncertain economic times?

Consider CDs and high yield savings accounts tools to keep your finances on solid footing. No matter what is happening with the economy, there are opportunities to take advantage of.

Texas Capital Bank can help during an impending recession
A recession can actually be a huge time of opportunity and Texas Capital Bank is here to help.

If getting your finances in order this year was one of your New Year’s Resolutions, this is your time to act. Fears of a recession shouldn’t stop you from achieving your goals. This is your time to come up with a real plan that makes dollars and sense to take control of your own financial future.

The experts at Texas Capital Bank can help you hone your own rock-solid economic plan.

Texas Capital Bank was named “The Most Trusted Bank in America” by Newsweek in 2022. Texas Capital Bank provides the personal touch of a regional bank while delivering the full service (and then some) of the banking behemoths.

It’s good to bank with your Texas friends. The staff at Texas Capital Bank understands what people around here are going through.

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