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Deciding to Start Preventative Botox — Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon Recommends Treatments Through the Ages

Taylor Siemens of Vitalyc MedSpa Lends Her Expertise on Non-Invasive Procedures

BY // 11.04.20

Choosing to get any non-invasive aesthetic procedure — should you decide to choose one at all — is a personal decision. But a bit of input from professionals, particularly those led by a board-certified facial plastic surgeon, can serve as a helpful guide for those interested. Taylor Siemens, part of the medical leadership team at Vitalyc MedSpa, which recently opened its stunning first location along Preston Road in the Park Cities, is just such a pro.

With years of experience as an aesthetic nurse practitioner and a knack for facial anatomy, Siemens offers her thoughts on aging confidently — with just a little help.

In Your Twenties

Taylor Siemens: “Prevention is key! Starting anti-wrinkle injections such as Botox or Dysport, is the best way to prevent lines to the forehead and crows feet from developing. A laser treatment called Moxi is essential in adding collagen to your collagen bank.

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A treatment room in Vitalyc MedSpa’s Park Cities location.

In Your Thirties

As we enter our thirties, it’s common to begin noticing volume loss. A common volume-loss area is the cheek, which give the appearance of a sagging face and hollowing to the eyes. Dermal filler is a great option to restore a youthful appearance. On the laser front, BBL (BroadBand Light) or a photofacial are great ways to correct signs of sun damage and discoloration.

In Your Forties

Many complaints with this decade include skin changes due to sun damage, decreasing collagen production, and a lack of elastin. Halo by Sciton is a popular treatment to improve these issues. With minimal downtime, you will have glowing skin with fewer lines and wrinkles in five to seven days.

In Your Fifties

During this decade of life, sagging skin and volume loss can become more apparent. Along with anti-wrinkle injections and dermal fillers, radio frequency is a great additive to keep the skin tight and resolve any texture issues. Morpheus8 is a microneedling device with radio frequency that provides great results with minimal downtime.

In addition to non-invasive aesthetic treatments, Vitalyc also offers IV and hormone therapy, CoolSculpting, and the refreshing HydraFacial. Each client receives a complimentary, personalized consultation and convenient memberships are available. For more information, visit