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Celebrated Jewelry House De Beers Expands Its Iconic Enchanted Lotus Collection

Bright Color, High and Fine Designs, and More Sparkling Additions to The Storied Collection

BY // 09.04.23

One of the most renowned and prestigious names in jewelry, De Beers, has announced one of its most exciting additions yet — the expanded Enchanted Lotus Collection.

Founded in London, with a flagship store on Old Bond Street and a presence in the most exclusive locations around the world, De Beers Jewellers is the pinnacle of luxury diamond jewelry. Building on its 130 years of expertise, the House glorifies the world’s most beautiful diamonds through creativity and craftsmanship in bold, distinctive designs. With 34 stores around the globe and the ability to ship to 15 different markets, De Beers jewelry decorates the necks and wrists of people in every corner of the world.

Now, the House is turning its eye to expanding its iconic Enchanted Lotus Collection. The Enchanted Lotus design is inspired by the lotus flower, which blooms in sunlight, retreats into water at night, and re-emerges every morning. A spiritual symbol, the lotus is associated with purity and eternity. De Beers reflects this symbolism in contemporary designs adorned with natural diamonds, a time-honored symbol of eternity. Since launching in 2009, the Enchanted Lotus motif has become an instantly recognizable icon of De Beers Jewellers. The Collection translates an ancient natural symbol into modern, wearable jewelry that showcases the extraordinary beauty of De Beers diamonds.

The Collection translates an ancient natural symbol into modern, wearable jewelry that showcases the extraordinary beauty of De Beers diamonds.

New High and Fine Designs

With its expansion, the House has added a series of new High and Fine jewelry designs. The signature range embodies the brand’s passion for capturing the beauty found in nature. Its new colors and playful, modern designs, as well as transformable High jewelry, showcase the versatility of the House’s signature motif.

In October 2022, the House expanded the collection with timeless diamond fine jewelry through its “Where It Begins Campaign” featuring global ambassador Lupita Nyong’o wearing three new Enchanted Lotus fine jewelry designs: an elegant pendant, a ring, and a pair of stud earrings all crafted in 18K white gold and set with round-brilliant and pear-shaped diamonds, which form a graphic interpretation of the floral motif illustrative of the lotus flower in full bloom. 

Two months later, the brand continued to broaden the collection through the launch of its transformable High jewelry including the Enchanted Lotus necklace adorned with 6.64 carats of diamonds and a removable central motif in which the elegant shape of the lotus flower is represented by pear-shaped and round brilliant diamonds suspended from a diamond lotus leaf. The motif can be detached and worn on a fine chain, while the diamond necklace can be worn with or without the Lotus drop to create two distinctive looks.

A new Enchanted Lotus brooch set also joined the Collection, with 3.86 carats of diamonds and can be worn on its own, or attached to a lariat-style diamond necklace, finished with two pear-shaped diamond droplets suspended from a ribbon of cascading diamonds. These new High jewelry designs embody De Beers’ contemporary aesthetic, ensuring versatility and wearability.

Always relevant, De Beers also took a contemporary twist on the classics late last year with an asymmetric open bangle featuring the diamond lotus motif at one end and a lotus leaf formed of round brilliant diamonds at the other. An open ring mirrors the contemporary design, while drop earrings in which the lotus motif is suspended from the diamond lotus leaf complete the trio of new styles.

A World of Color

Earlier this year, De Beers also brought a pop of color to the collection with red and pink hues.

De Beers also brought a pop of color to the collection with red and pink hues.

The House introduced colored enamel to its fine jewelry for the first time, with a new pendant necklace and bracelet crafted in 18K rose gold and red enamel, with the graphic lotus motif picked out in micropavé-set diamonds. 

Color also adorned new pieces in time for Valentine’s Day this year, with a new Enchanted Lotus pendant necklace and bracelet in 18K rose gold and pink enamel, a romantic design that echoes the purity and femininity of the lotus motif. Coordinating pink enamel sleeper earrings launched exclusively in China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan, as well. These new pieces represent the start of a vivid new chapter for the Enchanted Lotus collection, with more colors of enamel set to join the ever-expanding family. Also bringing a contemporary colorful twist to the Enchanted Lotus collection are two stylish openwork cord bracelets in 18k rose gold and pink cord, and 18k yellow gold and black cord, perfect for everyday wear.

To celebrate spring, the brand added blues and greens to the Collection. De Beers’ signature blue color is crafted in enamel across 18K white gold pendants, bracelets, and rings, each enamel disc adorned with a micropavé-set diamond lotus motif. Designed to be worn every day, the delicate new styles are complemented by a pair of blue enamel sleeper earrings and launched exclusively in the UK, Europe, and the USA. The iconic motif will also be given the Harrods treatment, with a new pendant and bracelet crafted in 18K yellow gold with green enamel, the prestigious department store’s signature color. The green Enchanted Lotus designs were available exclusively at Harrods until July 2023, and are now launched worldwide.

Rooted in Nature

Continuing to champion the exceptional beauty found in nature, this past spring and summer, De Beers also launched an Enchanted Lotus pendant and bracelet in 18K rose gold with diamonds set in mother-of-pearl. The iridescent sheen of mother-of-pearl perfectly complements sparkling natural diamonds and emphasizes the sense of purity bestowed by the iconic lotus motif.

And, De Beers commits to doing good while doing well. The House is invested in ensuring all the diamonds it discovers create a lasting positive impact on people and the places where they are found. This comes with a pledge to build a better future – one that is fairer, safer, cleaner, and healthier, in which communities thrive, ethical practices are maintained, and the natural environment is protected. The brand calls this long-term commitment “Building Forever.”

Here’s to forever with De Beers and the Enchanted Lotus Collection.