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Introducing Club Milliard — Your Passport to Exclusive Jewelry Through Instagram Subscription

Unlock Access to Rare, Luxury Pieces with Just One Click

BY // 09.11.23

Calling all connoisseurs of fine jewelry. For those always on the hunt for unique pieces that exude elegance and luxury, look no further than Club Milliard — the ultimate members-only club from Milliard Diamond Concierge that opens the vault to a world of rare and exquisite pieces. And the best part is it’s all available at exclusive prices.

Club Milliard caters to individuals who appreciate and seek exclusive, rare, and high-quality jewelry pieces. The subscription-based model and the focus on Instagram as a platform provide members with a curated and convenient way to access these coveted items at discounted prices.

The club offers a diverse range of jewelry categories, ensuring that members have a wide selection to choose from. And they have something for everyone and every stage of life. If bridal elegance is what you seek, you’re in luck – their collection boasts a range of breathtaking bridal pieces. Whether you’re seeking a bespoke bride vibe or the most modern bling someone could imagine, their collection over-pours with options to accommodate all tastes. 

Through a simple Instagram subscription of just $10, you can now access a treasure trove of timeless adornments that are truly one-of-a-kind. 

Club Milliard
The club provides access to a selection of rare pieces, including estate jewelry, bridal pieces, and other unique items that may not be easily found elsewhere.

Unlocking Unparalleled Membership Benefits  

Club Milliard isn’t just a club. It’s a gateway to a realm of unparalleled membership benefits that are sure to enchant jewelry enthusiasts. All members gain exclusive entry to a selection of items, ranging from the classic allure of tennis bracelets to the eternal charm of eternity bands. But that’s not all. Club Milliard’s offerings extend to a variety of rare pieces, including elegant watches, vintage estate jewelry, and even on-trend fine jewelry that reflects the latest styles and sensibilities. Whatever your diamond dreams can envision, they’ve got you covered. Their pieces are so rare and unique, that they have offerings that you probably haven’t even dreamt up yet. 

The team says their most sought-after items are often their tennis bracelets. After all, isn’t a quintessential piece of jewelry for any Dallas woman a tennis bracelet? The iconic and classic bracelet is offered in all shapes and sizes, from dainty 2-carat total weight pieces to opulent 20-carat stunners.


Club Milliard
Members of Club Milliard enjoy special discounted pricing on a range of one-of-a-kind jewelry pieces.

How It Works

Every Wednesday at noon, Club Milliard unveils its latest collection in a weekly drop. And with a membership, you’re not just a spectator – you’re at the forefront. All members gain first access to these exquisite pieces. Upon becoming a Club Milliard member, you’ll receive access to an exclusive Instagram tab that showcases every piece in all its glory. This tab is absolute eye candy, dripping with meticulously crafted pieces. The most challenging part is choosing which pieces you’ll want to snag first.

Seamless Shopping at Your Fingertips  

Club Milliard strives to make luxury accessible and effortless, for its members. The ultimate membership benefit. That’s why, when you find a piece that is a must-have, you can simply send a direct message to the team to secure it at a discounted price. No complications, no hidden fees – just the joy of acquiring a treasure that’s exclusively yours.