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AirSculpt Is Texas’ Best-Kept Secret to Feeling Your Best Self

Created By Celebrity Plastic Surgeon Aaron Rollins, AirSculpt Removes Stubborn Body Fat

BY // 12.08.22

Along with all the merriment of the holiday season comes lots of reasons to indulge. From festive cocktails (hello, eggnog) to sweet treats at every soirée, it’s easy to find yourself going into the new year feeling a bit, should we say, sluggish. But, with the patented AirSculpt procedure and technology, only available through Elite Body Sculpture, there’s no reason to start 2023 feeling anything less than fabulous. Found in Houston and Dallas, AirSculpt is Texas’ best-kept secret to fat loss.

AirSculpt, available exclusively at Elite Body Sculpture, was created by celebrity plastic surgeon Aaron Rollins in Beverly Hills in 2012. As a plastic surgeon for dozens of A-list celebrities (you know we can’t name names), Rollins knew there had to be a better way when it came to body sculpting. Unlike incredibly invasive Liposuction, (which requires general anesthesia, and significant downtime) Rollins patented AirSculpt as a new technology for body fat removal that only requires local anesthesia and doesn’t require any needles, scalpels, or stitches. It’s a one-and-done, permanent procedure. Best of all, it’s all done while you are awake and most clients are back to their normal routines within 48 hours.

AirSculpt can be performed anywhere on the body with stubborn fat, from chin to ankle. Clients make an initial consultation appointment and during the consult, clients discuss changes they’d like to see — and not just when it comes to fat loss. The procedure not only removes fat but also can be used for a fat transfer, allowing clients to transfer fat from unwanted parts of the body to others that they’d like to enhance like breasts or booty. There’s only so much diet and exercise can do. The rest is just genetics and sometimes a little extra help.


AirSculpt was created by celebrity plastic surgeon Dr. Aaron Rollins.

During the procedure, the surgeon creates a freckle-sized hole and inserts the proprietary device that allows them to remove excess fat cell by cell through an extremely gentle, minimally invasive method. Not only does it remove fat, but provides a tightening effect to the remaining tissue as well creating a natural look.

Also unlike Liposuction, AirSculpt boasts extremely limited downtime. Most clients are back to the regular, daily routine within 48 hours. Clients start to see results within one month, with the full effect visible in three months.

This fall, Elite Body Sculpture launched AirSculpt Smooth — a new procedure targeted at removing cellulite. Through the use of Revelle Aesthetics’ Aveli device, surgeons are able to snip the septa that pulls down on skin, creating dimpling and cellulite. Once the septa is released, the skin is freed and the pillow effect is eliminated.

So, if you’re looking to kickstart the new year feeling more confident than ever, the time is now to book your AirSculpt consultation. When you look good, you feel good. It’s just the facts. You can find out more at Or you can call the Dallas clinic at 972-945-0327 or the Houston clinic at 713-980-1880 to book a complimentary consultation.