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Luxury Skincare Brand Noble Panacea Launches One Of Its Most Innovative Products

The Exceptional Overnight Chronobiology Peel Delivers Clinical Results at Home

BY // 03.20.24

One of the most iconic and exquisite names in skincare, Noble Panacea, is kicking off the new year with a bang as it launches one of its most exciting and innovative products to date: The Exceptional Overnight Chronobiology Peel.

In celebration of this launch — which will truly change the face of skincare —, the brand celebrated with a pop-up at Neiman Marcus NorthPark. If you missed it, don’t worry, as Papercity readers can discover Noble Panacea at The Beauty Department in Neiman Marcus Northpark receive a complementary skincare consultation upon request. 

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The Overnight Peel Treatment by Noble Panacea is a breakthrough, intensive overnight leave-on peel treatment, delivering clinical results at home.

About The Exceptional Overnight Chronobiology Peel

The Overnight Peel Treatment by Noble Panacea is a breakthrough, intensive overnight leave-on peel treatment, delivering clinical results at home.

It is powered by the groundbreaking OSMV™ Technology to exfoliate and resurface the skin,  reduce the appearance of pores, hyperpigmentation, and visibly improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. When you use the Exceptional Overnight Chronobiology Peel, you wake up to renewed, glowing skin.

The epitome of skincare innovation, this high-tech treatment is meticulously programmed and synchronized with the skin’s overnight biorhythm, working in two stages. Firstly, it releases a blend of AHAs and BHAs for powerful yet gentle exfoliation, followed by calming active ingredients including Gotu Kola, making this product more suitable for sensitive skin. And, as the only peel on the market calibrated to the skin’s overnight biorhythm, this peel couldn’t be easier, more efficient, or more important.

The results don’t lie. 97% agreed that skin was calm, smooth, and comfortable the next morning, pores were reduced by 184% (evaluated by an expert assessor) and there was a 410% improvement in even skin tone.

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100% of users agreed that their skin was visibility transformed and 184% saw a reduction in pores.

The Noble Panacea Approach + Science

If you’re unfamiliar with the luxury skincare brand, it was founded in the spirit of scientific discovery. 

Emerging from the finest chemistry labs in the world, Noble Panacea’s skincare products and technology provide unparalleled efficacy in rejuvenating, preserving, and prolonging natural beauty. It is the only skincare brand created by a Nobel Laureate. In 2016, the founder of Noble Panacea, Sir Fraser Stoddart, was awarded the Nobel Prize in Chemistry for his life work, from which the groundbreaking OSMV™ Technology was discovered.

OSMV™ Technology encapsulates and protects active ingredients to release them directly into skin cells. OSMV™ is made of 100 percent organic material that is fully biodegradable. A single OSMV™ is shaped like a cubic octagon and is 10,000 times smaller than a skin cell.  We were pleased to discover that their active skincare doses are 100% recyclable, actually using 15% less material than a jar or bottle, and the packaging is starch-based and completely plastic free.

The brand provides scientifically backed skincare innovations developed from years of research that aim to disrupt the skincare industry and provide unparalleled results rooted deeply in chemistry. All Noble Panacea products are powered by OSMV™ technology. 

Last September, Noble Panacea launched The Absolute Nourishing Lift Oil and The Brilliant Glow Hydration Oil, which are the first face oils of their kind with the power to hydrate skin.

This launch will truly change the face of skincare.

This face oil revolution makes Noble Panacea’s products the first with the power to both hydrate and moisturize the skin. Many skincare users are not aware of the difference between moisturization and hydration. Moisturization is only the retention of water, whereas hydration is the actual delivery of water. Hyaluronic acid is normally only soluble in water-based formulas, but Noble Panacea’s OSMV™ Technology is able to encapsulate hyaluronic acid in an oil-based formula, for the first time.

And, be sure to keep your eye on the brand for future, groundbreaking launches later this year.