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Women Entrepreneurs Create an Oasis of Style on Fort Worth’s Camp Bowie Boulevard

After Conquering Kids Clothes, Two Friends Raise the Bar With Shop Birdie

BY // 11.06.19

When I walked into Shop Birdie on Camp Bowie Boulevard in Fort Worth to chat with owners Jessica Wiest Breslin and Brittany Voxland, I was met with a whirlwind of activity. The small boutique was bustling with activity and shoppers of all ages.

Breslin and Voxland have the kind of impeccable, easy style most women love to emulate. They graciously fit me in on a busy day when they were about to head to Dallas for a market trip.

Breslin and Voxland met pre-marriage and pre-children through mutual friends. A strong friendship blossomed between the two that took through the next few stages of life. Young professionals, marriage and then motherhood.

They had their first children just a few weeks apart. Breslin, originally from New Orleans, left her intense buying job at Dillards to be a stay at home mom. Simultaneously, Voxland left her demanding human resources position at an aerospace company to do the same.

The two new mothers were ready to tackle mom life. But soon enough, Breslin and Voxland, ever the busy bodies, felt the need to cultivate something of their own. They came up with the idea for a children’s clothing store, b kids boutique, while walking together on the Trinity Trails.

The pair wanted a children’s boutique with practical, yet adorable, styles with Nordstrom-level quality. With Breslin’s background in buying and Voxland’s extensive human resources and numbers expertise, the boutique, which opened in 2016, was an instant success. The business partners’ personalities complement each other perfectly.

Introducing Pêche

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Breslin handles the creative vision, while Voxland takes care of the behind the scenes necessities. But, just as in any great partnership, the two constantly have each other’s backs and place a lot of importance on being able to spend time with family.

Over time, the mothers shopping at b kids began asking the owners where they found their personal clothing. Some would even shop the juniors section in the store because they loved the styles that Breslin and Voxland were bringing in. This got Breslin thinking.

“Brittany and I were having a meeting when I brought up the idea of starting a women’s boutique as well,” Breslin laughs. “She thought it would be a great idea, but told me we could look into in a few years, but then I told her that I already found the space, and here we are.”

Shop Birdie’s Beginnings

In 2018, Shop Birdie opened to the masses. Offering high end brands with a laid back and sophisticated feel. Of course, Fort Worth welcomed the new store with open arms, and wallets. Many of the b kids regulars began shopping at Shop Birdie.

“We loved that we knew our customers so well. We sold them children’s clothes and now some of those children are shopping with us at Shop Birdie,” Breslin says. “We love that we can offer women of Fort Worth a place to find a mix of high end fashions. It encourages people to shop local and to cultivate those relationships.”

The store has something for everybody and caters to students, young professionals, mothers and grandmothers alike. With a great mix of casual and upscale clothing, shoes and jewelry, it’s hard to walk out empty-handed.

Shop Birdie follows a successful children’s clothing store.

Buying and purchasing is crucial to both b kids and Shop Birdie’s businesses.

“We go to Dallas, Las Vegas, New York, and we’re thinking of adding Los Angeles to the mix too,” Breslin says. “We like going to market in various cities because we get a glimpse of what different cities are putting together and how they dress. Then we get to bring that back and translate that to Fort Worth.”

The partners put a lot of emphasis on maintaining relationships with their customers, this way, they truly know what it is they want and what they will buy.

Currently, the shop is full of fun autumnal pieces. Sweaters and jeans line the store artfully with booties and statement earrings that dot displays. As we gear up for the holidays, Shop Birdie has also welcomed some beautiful cocktail options into the fold.

When asked about upcoming trends, the two entrepreneurs volunteer that we’ll be seeing an onslaught of more chic, effortless, kind of Parisian styles.

“We’re seeing a trend toward comfort, but still intentional,” Breslin says. “Straight-leg, cropped or boyfriend jeans are all the rage. You can pair them with sneakers or booties and run out the door. Of course, animal print is here to stay. We’re seeing a lot of that.

“For spring, get ready to see a lot of dresses with sneakers, florals and loose-fitting bohemian styles.”

Breslin and Voxland acknowledge that, just like themselves, their clientele is on-the-go and in need quality clothing to take on the day.

Shop Birdie is gearing up for the holidays at full speed ahead, so keep track of arrivals on its Instagram page (@shopbirdie) and stay tuned for an updated website that is coming soon.

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