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The Best Gifts For Guys For Under $100

They Only *Look* Expensive


Feeling a little stretched thin this holiday season and need to be frugal with your gifting? Then look no further. I’ve searched far and wide for the best under $100 gifts for guys that look anything but thrifty.

I’m a huge fan of Filson, the Seattle-based heritage line. Established in 1897, they have a loyal following of those who appreciate reliability and fine craftsmanship. If you find yourself in the Emerald City then be sure to visit their flagship store where windows in the back offer a glimpse of those craftsmen at work. I adore a new item I’ve discovered — Scout Shorts ($60), their take on the classic boxer. They come in plaid, but I’m digging the print that they came up with in collaboration with Ducks Unlimited.

For anyone who regularly reads my style stories, you know I rarely miss the opportunity to share something I’ve found created by my main man, Thom Browne. If possible, I’d wear him head to toe every day of the week. Unfortunately, the prices of most of his offerings are out of my realm. If you have a Major Thom fan in your life and can’t afford to get them a button-up shirt emblazoned with the line’s 4-bar arm motif (most begin at $400), then consider the medium grey wood 4-bar pencil set. It’ll only set you back $35.

Who doesn’t love booze? Particularly before most enter into the month known as Dry January. Kástra Elión premium sipping vodka (750ml) comes in an elegant bottle and is priced at $54.99. Why not buy yourself a bottle while you’re at it?

Ducks Unlimited Scout Shorts
Premium Sipping Vodka
Kástra Elión
Medium Grey Wood 4-Bar Pencil Set
Thom Browne

Fan of sustainability and don’t want to just buy more items of clothing? Well, look through the closet of a loved one and take something out to send to the queen of monogramming Becca Quisenberry. A cherished bathrobe takes on new life when you have it emblazoned with your husband’s or father’s initials. Her company, The Monogram Club, has become the go-to for many in DFW. For ideas simply check out her Instagram @themonogramclub.

We all know the sticker shock that sometimes comes with finding the perfect pair of shades. Tom Ford’s can begin at $300-400. In fact, on a recent perusal of their website, I found some that retail for $1,950. For style at a much lower price, my recommendation is always Warby Parker. The website is amazing, but Texas is also fortunate to have over a dozen brick-and-mortar locations where their always-friendly and knowledgeable staff can assist you. I really like their Newman shades in a shade of blue they’ve dubbed — Shoreline (starting at $95).

In need of a personalized gift - monogramming? Becca Quisenberry of The Monogram Club
Custom Monogramming
The Monogram Club
Warby Parker

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