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Dear Boyfriend — the Best Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas Ever

Forget Those Tired Flowers and Chocolates

BY // 02.03.20

‘Tis the season of love. The quintessential holiday for the significant other is almost upon us. The day when lovers are not only expected to, but encouraged to shower their No. 1 with gifts. Yes, it’s Valentine’s Day season.

Of course this particular girlfriend stands behind treating everyday like Valentine’s Day, but finally, we are fully free to request and gracefully accept these love tokens. This year, we should all celebrate with more than just a last minute bundle of roses and a one-ply notecard.

The other 364 days of the year can be for flowers and chocolates to say you care, but on February 14 it’s time to push the the traditional gift boundaries do something extra.

Buckle up boyfriend and girlfriends, this is your time to shine.

Dear Boyfriend,

You were destined for this Valentine’s gift giving undertaking the day you solidified your oh so special relationship with me. This is your chance to add a lovey dovey splash to your regular gifting schedule. Sure, a grocery store I Love You card is technically sufficient, but its time to take the most romantic day of the year up a notch.

It is customary to gift delectable treats each year, but candy and chocolates are for the boring and unprepared. Instead, choose a real indulgence like caviar. The Caviar Co, started by two sisters in San Francisco are expert purveyors of fine caviar who created darling little caviar gift sets, complete with the accoutrements, shipped right to your door.

Caviar and Co Gift Set
Instead of chocolate, gift a real delicacy like a darling caviar gift set from Caviar and Co.

By now you are fully trained to know that flowers are for fairly occasional, out of the blue moments to convey your love from afar. This Valentine’s, the only stemware I want are these stylish Baccarat wine glasses. I would be hard pressed to find a girl who wouldn’t prefer classic crystal stems over basic floral stems.

I know the hopeless romantic inside of you is dying to gift the classic heart shaped locket with your precious face tucked inside. While I would normally scoff at such a corny token, I’ll allow you to finally let your cheesy flag fly with this Tiffany and Co classic yellow gold locket pendant. In the spirit of the cheesiest day of the year, I can move past the corniness, especially if it comes in a Tiffany Blue box.

Tiffany and Co Locket Valentines day
A heart shaped locket is the cheesiest gift you can give, but ill accept anything that comes in a Tiffany Blue box.

Every decent restaurant in town will be luring in rows of couples to experience their latest attempt at a prix fixed menu, I request an old fashioned home cooked meal instead. Charming heartfelt kitchen accessories — like this William Sonoma Heart Apron and this Le Creuset heart-shaped Dutch Oven — will have us feeling festive for a decadent dining experience that does not require leaving the house.

Tradition may call for a penned love note, but why not gift a more luxury version with this classic Hermès scarf? The playfully romantic Faubourg print is an ode to the 1970s flower power mindset where love ruled supreme — a true and fashionable sentiment for Valentine’s Day.

There is no better way to set the mood for Valentine’s Day than with romantic books and movies. For a fashion obsessed girl like me, this Pride and Prejudice appliquéd clutch is ideal to keep the romance top of mind.

Olympia Le Tan Pride and Prejudice Clutch
This Olympia Le Tan clutch is an ode to true romance and the perfect way to set the scene for a loving Valentine’s Day

The gift shop store shelves will be lines with cuddly stuffed animals waiting to find their homes in the arms of girlfriends everywhere. But who cares about those run of the mill teddy bears? A Silver Fox fur throw blanket will keep me feeling way cuddlier and cozier than any little foam filled creature.

Some say the sign of a girl filled with true love is if she wears her heart on her sleeve, but I’d rather wear my heart on my feet. These bespoke Stubbs and Wootton smoking slippers will make me a head to toe romantic.

These gifts are as thoughtful, unique and jaw dropping as yours truly.

Sincerely Yours,

Your eccentric, slightly crazy and romantically inspired girlfriend

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