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Elizabeth Adams and Chap Bernet’s Nuptials Capture the San Miguel de Allende Spirit

BY PaperCity Weddings
photography Rox de Luna

When Dallas natives Chap and Elizabeth met, they were just high school classmates. It wasn’t until years of major crushes through college that finally led to a first date. After social media guru Elizabeth moved to Nashville to be with Chap while he was exploring a music career with his band Five Islands, the two lovebirds got engaged on a surprise weekend in Boston.

The couple quickly decided that San Miguel de Allende was the perfect place for a festive celebration with their family and friends. No strangers to big celebrations, lively music, and jovial celebrating, the pair planned an authentically cool weekend to remember.


We didn’t want the first time we saw everyone to be at the wedding, so we greeted everyone via dancing in the street during a San Miguel de Allende tradition, the Callejoneada. We followed a mariachi band, Benito the donkey, and mojigangas, or life size puppets that are intended to resemble the bride and groom through the cobblestone streets. Many guests were distracted by the charm of the city, so we didn’t move fast. Lots of chances to stop and smell the roses.


Chap grew up with the majority of his wedding party from elementary school. They’ve all been in each other’s weddings. They got ready with tequila, tacos and a lax environment at his parent’s rented house, so they had a mini parade of their own walking to the Rosewood.


I had a massive, Texas-sized wedding party which was an absolute blast. Everywhere I moved, there was a party, encouragement and positive energy. There were very special moments reserved for this group behind closed doors. My sisters were my matrons of honor and my mom was the most amazing planning partner! We all had so much fun coming up with the dream weekend – it was all hands on deck. My lace Monique Lhuillier dress was fitting for the festive surroundings. My wedding party wore bright colors reminiscent of the city. Chap wore a custom Knot Standard tux.


All of the gals! Getting ready was a fun day with champagne and singing Vanessa Carleton, Jewel, and No Doubt. One of my friends gave the best toast, another gave a wonderful prayer.


My father walked me down the aisle and Chap was sobbing at the other end of it. My best friend’s sister officiated the ceremony, family spoke, family played the music and we were so excited to share our vows with each other.


We’re married! We had an hour to ourselves before the reception, so we toured the city as husband and wife. A three-wheeler piaggio took us around the city to take photos and to give us a moment to ourselves before the big party. The Rosewood made sure we were hydrated so they handed us margaritas to  sip on before we were introduced at our reception.


The reception was a dream. We were in a tent filled with lights surrounded by the mountains of Mexico. After a seated dinner of authentic Mexican food, the dance floor was the place to be. Everyone left with war paint on their faces, neckties around their heads, Crocs on their feet, and tequila shots in their systems.


There were so many surprises we didn’t know about. The purple jacaranda trees only bloom three weeks a year—we were so lucky to have them. We had the giant sparklers for our entrance and first dance which was a total shock that added so much fun to the moment. Chap also surprised his bride with a song he wrote for the occasion that he performed for all of the guests. No dry eyes!

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