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PaperCity Conversations — Chandos Goes Deep on Design in New Video Series

Francine Ballard Gets Fascinating Figures to Open Up

BY // 08.02.20

Elegant constraint. It’s not a term you hear often these days, but it comes up in interior designer Chandos Dodson Epley’s talk with editor-at-large Francine Ballard in our first edition of PaperCity Conversations.

This new regular video series will highlight interesting conversations with fascinating figures. Dodson Epley’s impressive track record of designing some of Texas’ most interesting homes makes her a natural first subject. She started her own firm, Chandos Interiors, in 2000 and is still based in Houston, though she designs homes throughout the United States. These include high-profile pied-à-terre and apartment projects in New York City and the interiors of The Revere at River Oaks, a game changing luxury mid-rise that brings Park Avenue style to the Bayou City.

Ballard is able to talk to Dodson Epley from an insider’s perspective. She’s been in many of the houses Dodson Epley’s worked on and even turned to the designer for some advice on decorating her own home. The result is a captivating look at a slice of life and inside design talk.

“Typically, my rooms are very edited,” Dodson Epley says. “I love elegant, sophisticated interiors with a hint of the past.

“I’d say that’s really my look.”

Like with almost every industry, COVID-19 has changed plenty in the world of design. Just maybe not the way you’d first expect. “Surprisingly, I think people are more interested in high style,” Dodson Epley notes.

This PaperCity Conversation touches on everything from the effects of the coronavirus pandemic on design to home schooling.

“I can’t complain,” Ballard says of the new largely homebound reality, before echoing the thoughts of parents everywhere. “Except for the home schooling.”

Still, this talk is largely a design lover’s gab fest dream.

“The project I really love is when a client is really invested in a project,” Dodson Epley says. “I love all the details that go into the consultation of even just furnishing a room. Kind of these little small elements that really kind of make a room pop.”

For much more, watch the first PaperCity Conversations in the video player above this story. And stay tuned for future episodes in the coming weeks. After all, a good conversation never goes out of style.

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