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Houston’s Real Estate Wonder — Eric Pham’s Drive and Appreciation For True Custom Houses is Unmistakable

How This Son of Refugees and Education Advocate is Helping Others Reach the American Dream

BY // 12.23.20

When Eric Pham gets something in his head, he does not rest until it is a done deal. He’s satisfied only after all of the details are taken care of and the loose ends are tied. And that is great news for his clients.

The 30-year-old realtor has a long list of accomplishments, including the distinction of being the youngest associate ever hired at John Daugherty, Realtors and the youngest ever top producer at that storied Houston real estate firm before he moved to the cutting-edge Compass. He’s a licensed broker, an accredited luxury home specialist and a graduate realtor, accredited by the National Association of Realtors. And he’s not done.

Pham earned his broker license at 25 and has been named among the Top 20 Under 40 Rising Stars in Real Estate by the Houston Association of Realtors. There are naturals in every profession — and Eric Pham is clearly a natural at real estate.

“I’ve always known I wanted to get into real estate,” the energetic Pham says. “I would’ve gotten into it sooner, but my parents are big higher education advocates. My family were Vietnamese refugees who came to America after the Vietnam War so that their kids and many generations after would have a better life. To them, a better life equals higher education.”

The son of refugees attended University of Houston and graduated from the respected C.T Bauer College of Business with specializations in marketing and finance. It’s a course of study that has obviously suited Pham well in his real estate career, which he began in 2012 during his senior year as an undergrad.

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Pham specializes in Houston’s Inner Loop real estate market

Why real estate?

“I grew up in Bellaire, and was intrigued by how the neighborhood was changing,” Pham says. “Old houses were getting demolished and replaced by newer, bigger houses. What was — and still is — fascinating to me is that every house has a story, its history, and character. They are all different because they are what you call ‘true-custom’ homes. I believe that in real estate, just like in everything else in life, the world and the universe, there is balance.”

Pham thinks a lot about balance, and when he’s not assisting clients and touring homes, he can be found on a yoga mat. Life is not all work, as they say, and his recharging regimen keeps him ready to sell and help families move into their new dream homes.

“As a young professional who’s always on the go, I cannot sit still, so meditation is out for me,” Pham explains. “But yoga is moving meditation. For one hour, you are allowed to forget everything in your life — work, to-do lists, anxiety — and just get lost in your own bubble. I do Vinyasa yoga, and it has more of an athletic approach, which is what I love.”

Pham, who currently calls an Upper Kirby high-rise home, specializes in Houston’s Inner Loop real estate market, including Montrose/Upper Kirby, River Oaks and Tanglewood, and calls Bellaire his playground. “I know everything about the area, because I grew up there and lived there for more than 20 years,” he says.

Pham’s success in his career includes countless new construction home sales, such as a recent sale of 5657 Bayou Glen Road in the prestigious Tanglewood neighborhood. The 8,600 square foot custom home build by Stacey Custom Homes boasts five bedrooms and 6.2 baths and carried an asking price of $3,500,000.

Pham’s success in his career includes countless new construction home sales, such as a recent sale of 5657 Bayou Glen Road in Tanglewood.

Pham on Guilty Pleasures, Home Trends and More

Best Advice for Selling Your Home?

In real estate, it’s all about the three fundamentals — location, quality and price. Out of the three, price is the only variable that can change, so it’s extremely important that the home is priced accordingly. Overpriced homes sit on the market, and when they eventually sell, they typically go for less than the price they could’ve gotten if priced appropriately.

Lastly, timing and presentation are paramount. Nearly 100 percent of buyers look online before they see the house in person, especially in these pandemic days, so hire the right realtor to showcase your home, your trophy, in its best light.

A real-estate trend you’re currently excited about?

I’m obsessed with concrete, brass and paneling. Concrete, whether it’s a small accent furniture piece or the flooring of the house, adds a modern and natural element to every home. Paneling is just gorgeous, classic and timeless. Brass is so beautiful and versatile.

The most-used room in your own house?

For sure my kitchen/dining area.

How you make a house a home?

Fill it with things that make you feel happy. Create your own “hyggekrog”.

Your dream house, if cost is no object?

A beachfront house in the Hamptons.

Your home away from home?

My car. It’s every realtor’s second home.

What you love most about living in Houston?

Diversity. From the people and culture to the food and everything in between.

Items currently on your coffee table?

Le Labo Santal 26 (candle)

Houston restaurant you couldn’t live without?

There are so many! Local Foods, Kuu, Kata Robata.

Most-shopped stores in Houston?

Lululemon and more Lululemon. Literally. From exercise clothes to business/work clothes.

If you weren’t in your current profession, what you would be doing?

Marketing and advertising.

Favorite Power Meal?

Poke bowls at PokeWorks. Amazing twist on sushi, but deconstructed. They offer the freshest fish and ingredients and also have vegan options as well.

Choice of fitness/exercise?

Power/Vinyasa yoga and calisthenics.

Current yoga studios/memberships?

Equinox, Black Swan Yoga and Mekanix Calisthenics.

Man about town, lover of sushi and Lululemon, Eric Pham is a definitely a Houston realtor to know. For more on Pham or to work with him, check out his full Compass profile page.